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Leo is a data scientist turned entrepreneur.

He received his master’s in mathematics and computer science at NYU.

He has a passion for data-driven methodologies and creating highly scalable machine learning tools.

He is the former data scientist for Comcast and current the senior data scientist for Visibile World.

He loves kickboxing, powerlifting, and dogs

Please welcome the founder of Keyword Cupid, Leo Soulas!

25:07 – When and how did Leo get into SEO?

Leo had a pretty rough life back then when he dropped his PhD to pursue other things in life when it comes to his career. But this didn’t stop him to explore outside of his comfort zone until he eventually met connections that leads him to the world of SEO.

33:44 – Leo explains why content is not just king

For Leo, content is not just the king, but it is the KINGDOM for SEO. He explains that the content you are going to put in you site is very important to make sure that it aligns to your chosen target audience.

35:36 – Leo’s strategy for a pillar or column page

It all depends on what you want to target according to Leo. For him, there are different strategies that exists for both types of pages that aligns to Google’s rules.

37:02 – Keyword Cupid: How it Works and Why It’s Better Than Competitors

Curious to know how Keyword Cupid works compared to other tools? Leo gives us a deep dive in this section so you better get your notes ready. Here, you can learn about clustering, keyword anatomy, keyword density, and a whole lot more about this tool.

50:56 – Can a user use long tail in Keyword Cupid?

Each keyword has a pain point hidden beneath as what Leo said. This is where the importance of long tails come into play, especially in how it incorporates in these keywords. And oh, Leo reveals some exciting new features for Keyword Cupid too!

53:11 – Question-based keywords in Keyword Cupid: How well does it work?

When we go to Google, we tend to search for things by asking questions on the search bar. Luckily, thanks to question-based keywords that are integrated to Keyword Cupid, this makes it easier to find solutions for whatever question you have.

58:24 – How does Keyword Cupid relate to keyword research, SEO, and market research?

Leo explains how Keyword Cupid is feature-filled when it comes to keyword research. The branching paths of your chosen keyword alone that revolves around the content you made becomes a big help as long as you understand the value of your niche.

1:00:17 – Keyword Cupid new features

It’s an exciting time for Keyword Cupid users as Leo explains some new features that are on the works. However, he wants to keep it less spoiler-y for the meantime but here are some few details that you will be excited about.

1:16:53 – Manual or Automated links? Leo explains

For Leo, manual linking is what works best for him. However, there are also certain moments where he prefers automatic linking too, especially for tasks that are too complex.

1:24:39 – Leo’s advice for people who wants to be an SEO professional

Resilience is just what you need in becoming an SEO professional as suggested by Leo. It is because things are changing in the world of SEO and being resilient to adapt to these changes is a big game-changer no matter your skill level.


Google posted a couple of blogs this week around:

How HTTP status codes and network and DNS errors affect crawling and indexing

And refreshed their redirects guide with the different kinds of redirects and their effects on Google Search.

Link in the description.

This week, Amanda Milligan gives us three tips on How to Make Newsworthy Content on MOZ’s channel this week.

Let’s check one out

One way you can grab some interesting data points are from social media advertising audience insights from Facebook or Snapchat.

I know my guest today has some great ways we can use this data.

We’ll be sure to ask him later.

With more and more companies starting to invest in SEO,

Kevin Indig, a past guest and director of SEO, shares a trend on the Rankable podcast with Jarret Thomas.


How quickly do you push out content?

One I’m working on helping me produce more content fast is hiring help from online jobs.ph

Shout out to my mastermind bros,

Brad, Garth, and Matt, who is on this journey with me building a content production house

I started this show to help us further our career in SEO. Jason Barnard, another past guest, shares a tip on Kalicube Tuesdays.

Working as an in-house SEO, you work with many stakeholders, and educating them is a must.

Also, remember you are a marketer, don’t silo yourself and just think you’re an SEO.

Have an understanding of your company or clients’ marketing strategy.

So what if you want to further your career even more and become a successful SEO consultant? Brodie Clark and Aleyda Solis give some tips.

SEO consulting as a side hustle is something I do.

Be sure to check in with your HR team or be respectful to your employer.

Do not consult for the companies competitors.

How do you make sure SEO is a priority when launching a site?

This last video by Ross Simmonds, who will be a guest in a couple of weeks, shares his thoughts.


Do you know who knows all about persona and intent?

Is my guest today!

Please ask questions about keyword research, personas, intent, and I will ask them in the order they are received.

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