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Guest Bio

Lidia Infante is an SEO consultant and speaker.  Lydia has worked in SEO for nearly a decade, helping businesses in SaaS, media, and e-commerce grow online.

Lydia has a BSC in Psychology and a Master’s in Digital Business as well as a regular speaker at top-tier SEO events such as MozCon, BrightonSEO, UnGagged, and WTSFest.

Lydia is a contributing author to the SEO in 2023 book.

Knowledge Bomb

17:35 Look At Competitors And Do Better

In ranking a page, Lidia said that she would look at the competitors and see what she could do to produce better content, even if that meant building links or setting the SERPS on fire.

31:03 On Headless SEOs and Headless CMS

Lidia discussed that Headless SEO refers to the unique processes required when optimizing content for search using a headless CMS. These unique processes are content modeling and thinking of fields instead of pages. Moreso, Lidia added that it is much more than an in-depth intentional technical setup but more of an Omni Channel approach to search. Headless no longer necessarily means working on a website; you might work on a website in an app and digital signage. 

39:58 Sanity As A Headless CMS Platform

According to Lidia, while WordPress has a headless version, she would recommend a personal platform she’s been working on called Sanity. It has a free plan where you can just go there and do your thing, and there is also a tutorial with a number of resources to guide you on how to do SEO. 

53:34 SEO Gap Analysis

As Lidia explained, SEO Gap Analysis is when you build a strategy for your site and then create a benchmark on how your company compares against competitors regardless of the optimization process. Lidia likes to divide it into pillars, like in terms of technical implementation or content creation, and see where we can do better.

1:04:26 Conducting Comparison Pages With Topical Competitors

Lidia advised that it would be smart to run an analysis or look at the keywords that your competitors are ranking for on those pages. This will help you understand the intent of the searches. She added that with healthy traffic, you could even push your pages higher by doing more link-building, improving the content, or making it perfect in terms of web performance. 

1:05:50  Advice To Aspiring SEO Professionals

If you want to advance as an SEO professional, Lidia shared that you must understand where your business generates profit. If it is making money by selling ads, then you should focus on page views, or if it is making money by selling affiliates, then you should focus on monetizing clicks, and so on and so forth. 

Google Ads

Google documentation updates this week include:

A new case study about how Vimeo improved Video SEO at scale for their customers by using the indexifembedded rule combined with noindex and adding structured data.

More guidance about what to include in the RSS feed for the Follow feature in Google Discover: the title element and your per-item link elements.

Updated the Image best practices to clarify that Google parses img elements when indexing images.

Also updated the alt text and filenames in the examples to be more descriptive.

Income Schools shares their search analysis publicly for the first time; let’s see check out what they call the inverted pyramid

If you watch the full video, you will see instead of your traditional keyword research tools for the volume; they use Google trend data.

Link Building Secrets with Kasra Dash on Craig Campbell’s podcast

I like this idea of building links to just one topic until ranking, which gets us past this authority wall, and the juice leaks through your other topics.

Kasra discusses tiered link building, so definitely check out the full video.

Past guests William Jones and Chris Palmer discuss a more risky backlink strategy.

Loren Baker and Ann Smarty talk about an interesting way to acquire links on SEJ this past week.

Keep your eyes open for these new opportunities.

I would start collecting URLs of the top 10 lists in your niche and start using your favorite broken link checker.

I like the idea of possibly picking up some valuable domains with a great link profile this way.


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