Loren Baker

Loren’s career started in 1999 when I developed innovative digital marketing, organic search, content marketing & advertising strategies for brands that include Consumer Reports, Current Checks, Palm, George Washington University, and Johns Hopkins.

In 2003 he created Search Engine Journal and established it as a leader in Internet marketing publications.

In 2009, he led and supported the SEO, social media, and content marketing strategies for clients such as Salesforce.com, Sequoia Capital, HomeAway, Rembrandt, ADT & Empire Today.

In 2013, he co-launched Foundation Digital and works with ESPN, Apartments.com, Rakuten, Groundworks, and American Eagle Outfitters.

Please welcome the founder of SEJ, and Baltimore Raven fan, Loren Baker!


21:41 – Content Pruning, how important are they?

With thousands of articles online, content pruning has become more eminent to eliminate bad ones that doesn’t offer too much valuable content. Loren explains why this is important and how it helps make valuable articles to be discovered more.

25:17 – How Loren get into SEO

Loren has a long journey when he got into SEO dating way back to its college years. It was around when he graduated college where he was hired by an agency to help their business grow where he learned SEO on the long run.

29:10 – What are Loren’s learning resources for SEO?

Loren expanded his knowledge more about SEO by joining forums and interacting with SEO professionals. This allows him to think outside of the box and improve his skills, especially when it comes to teamwork.

30:45 – How Search Engine Journal was born

As the founder of Search Engine Journal (SEJ), Loren had its fair share of ups and downs of how this company was born. In this section, he explains how his company went from zero to hero in a matter of time.

33:54 – The most significant SEO mistake Loren made in building SEJ

Moving away form SEJ and going autopilot for a couple of years is the biggest mistake that Loren regrets. This is where the company’s progress starts to derail from its track not until he returned to save it once and for all.

36:22 – WordPress tips by Loren

Do you prefer using WordPress for your websites? Loren has a lot to share to make it lighter and easier for your target audience. This includes not overloading it with graphics, especially if you’re marketing more towards mobile users, for example.

37:39 – The importance of Backlinks as explained by Loren

Some people have a negative perception about backlinks. But for Loren, backlinks are just as important as anything else in SEO. Especially the quality of the backlinks and not its quantity only.

39:49 – How does Loren’s backlink strategy changed from 5 years ago?

What better way to have character development is by having a backlink strategy change. For Loren, it’s all about staying away from sites that have sponsored backlinks in a shady way. And also, doing something different from your competitor works like a charm too!

43:22 – Are podcasts a good source for backlinks?

According to Loren, podcasts are indeed a good source of backlinks. It is one of the cleanest and valuable way to get backlinks unlike the sketchy methods other content creators use.

44:20 – Outbound links tips by Loren

Outbound links are just as important too just like backlinks. In this section, Loren gives us a few tips how they work and how crucial it is for SEOs, especially for beginners.

48:05 – Contributed content and Internal content, a solid dynamic duo?

Cannibalization is a huge problem for SEO in the past couple of years. That’s why Loren said it’s important to treat contributed content as equal as internal content, just in case some things won’t quite go well when cannibalization kicks in.

49:30 – Top 3 SEO action items for publishers

Cleaning things up, building a plan, and building relationships with other publishers is the best way to skyrocket your SEO powerhouse according to Loren.

53:08 – Splitting articles, a useful technique?

Article splitting is an SEO technique that helps in better usability for the end user, especially if it’s a very long article. Loren explains how he did this and why it is so important for writers to have split articles when needed.

59:38 – Loren’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Aside from downloading and reading SEO guides, Loren suggests that you should build your own website and use this as an experimentation ground.



Does Google have an index limit? John Muller answers with no. New websites may not get many pages index, and however, if you have an awesome website, the algorithms will index more pages. You can watch his complete answer on the Google Search Central channel.

It feels as if Google likes to keep people off balance. Especially in the world of SEO. Andrew Shotland, CEO of Local SEO Guide, tells us why.


Personally, I feel the same way. We have to take the info Google tells us for a grain of salt. Always test things. We hear alto that buying or exchanging backlinks can negatively impact a site’s ranking.

We can ask our special guest today about backlinks as he has given many presentations around the topic. But before we do that.

Martin MacDonald, former SEO at Orbitz and Expedia, tells us two things you need to avoid when becoming an Enterprise SEO.

Avoid assuming your workmates know what you’re talking about. One primary task being an enterprise SEO is education. Explaining why things need to be done in the simplest forms is a must. I have workmates who can’t tell what it is paid or organic in Google and think PPC is the same as SEO. Keep calm and educate.

Ross Hudgens, CEO of Siege Media, shows us how Semrush Generates 1,400,000/mo SEO Visits. Let’s check one out

I’ve used this strategy with a client by creating a directory with their customers. My client is in the online payments space, so we targeted company plus payments and ranked like gangbusters. Traffic shot to the moon once we launched the company directory project, something to consider to add to your SEO strategy.

Dawn Anderson advises on 1 page per intent. Let’s listen in on what she meant.

I’m a massive fan of creating content around intent and using keyword clusters to rank for multiple keywords. At the same time, do some content pruning, remove pages that are cannibalizing keywords, and 301ing those to the primary intent page that was created or refresh.

I’m curious if publications do content pruning and remove articles that don’t do well.

This leads me to my favorite part of the show!

Please ask link and publishing-related questions during our conversation, and I will address them as they are received.


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