Maj Hussain


Maj has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. 

Maj set up his first SEO agency in 2010, focusing on local and national UK businesses. 

Maj set up Magic PR in 2018, intending to change the face of PR. 

Magic PR was awarded the best press release service for ranking by the SEO Intelligence Agency (SIA) in 2019. 

Magic PR has distributed over 4,000 press releases in just over a few years.


17:42 – Getting ranking one in Google

Maj says that focusing on on-page elements is crucial, ensuring that your website boasts high-quality, relevant content that aligns with user intent. This content should be structured to captivate both readers and search engines. Once your on-page foundation is robust, the next step is off-page optimization. Then, it’s about building the correct link, PR, etc.

42:23 – Approach in PR

Maj highlights their unique Public Relations (PR) approach by thinking creatively and going beyond traditional methods. They emphasize the concept of “PR stacking,” which involves running multiple PR campaigns consecutively and strategically. Rather than settling for just one campaign, they recommend doing two or three, each building upon the previous one. This approach involves interlinking and embedding content to signal Google that these are connected campaigns for the same brand.

44:34 – Client Case Studies

Maj states that they don’t typically do case studies but receive tangible evidence from a client. The client provided screenshots demonstrating the impact of a PR campaign they conducted without any additional actions. The upward trend in their metrics, starting after the campaign in January, is evident. Moreover, the client has undertaken multiple campaigns for the same brand, each targeting different pages on the site. Additionally, Maj suggests posting the press release as a blog post on the client’s location, emphasizing the benefits of this approach in channeling power and creating internal links for a more potent campaign.

53:41 – Benefits of using PR for Local Companies

Maj’s approach to achieving visibility in Google Maps listings and organic search results is paramount in local PR campaigns. They adopt a multifaceted approach when executing a local company’s PR strategy. First, they target the brand’s homepage, optimizing it for search engines. Second, they focus on an inner page to expand the campaign’s impact. However, the third and crucial element is targeting the Google My Business (GMB) listing using a specific URL they created. Furthermore, they can embed Google Maps, YouTube videos, or images, offering comprehensive online visibility for our clients.

57:29 – Link Building on the Clouds

Behind the scenes at Magic PR, Terry, Lloyd, and Maj conceived an innovative idea involving link stacking in the cloud. Essentially, they interlink cloud-based microservices like Google Cloud and Amazon AWS. This strategy harnesses the formidable power of the cloud, a technique they have manually employed for nearly a decade. Now, with new tools like Yaks and SEO, Neo Elias’s offerings streamline this process. For every PR campaign we execute, they seamlessly integrate a cloud stack, connecting it to each press release and significant publication, whether targeting 10 or 15 outlets.

59:20 – Coordinating multiple PR companies

Maj says that when considering PR companies for your campaigns, leveraging the diversity in their offerings is essential. For instance, if you’ve previously worked with different PR firms and they have their newsrooms, include them when transitioning to Magic PR. Instead, consider linking back to either their Newsroom posts or Magic PRs. This approach allows you to build more external links, demonstrating the breadth of your online presence to Google. More than just focusing on your website is required; directing links to other authoritative entities like social profiles and reputable sites can significantly benefit your online strategy.

1:02:33 – Magic PR 5 Step Process

Magic PR offers a comprehensive PR service where they will craft and distribute a PR story across various publications. Moreover, we continue posting it in their newsroom; each client gets a dedicated profile page. Magic PR employs cloud stacking techniques and taps into the strength of its Google News network, making its service exceptionally potent.


A great tool I use for audience research is SparkToro.

You can even use ChatGPT to help you build audience personas.

SGE in Chrome: Testing Google’s New AI Product SGE while browsing with Lily Ray

Be sure to watch the full video or if you have access to Google Search Labs ( install it and start testing!

If you want to get a head start and have that competitive advantage over other SEO’s

I highly recommend signing up on Google Search Labs.

Is AI content getting penalties from Google?

I attended the Google Search Central Live in San Francisco last week.

Danny Sullivan t clarified that using AI for content generation is only inherently problematic if done solely for ranking.

You can watch my event coverage of the event I put a link in the description:

Ashley Liddell shares three questions to understand if your content is working for you on Rank Ranger.

I’d add Experience into the mix. Adding personal experiences to your content will help with your E-E-A-T.

Speaking of E-E-A-T, press releases are a great way to establish just that!

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

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