Marco Benavides Ferlini

Marco began his computer career by obtaining a degree in programming in 1991

His studies continued, and he received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

He managed his internet marketing and consulting firm before becoming a Semantic Mastery partner.

He is the co-creator for RYS Academy and Local GMB Pro SEO courses

Please welcome the founder of the Heavy Hitter Club, Marco Benevides Ferlini!


19:54 – How does Marco get ranking in Google

According to Marco, manipulating SEO math is a viable way to get high ranking in Google. For him, doing SEO math is not that complicated as long as you have the right mindset.

16:41 – Marco’s early experiences in getting into SEO

Marco is a computer programmer who got into SEO accidentally. Instead of backing out, Mark had the courage to learn how SEO works and help others. I guess we can say good accidents do happen sometimes.

18:08 – How Marco learn about SEO

Learning about SEO is not a walk in the park. Marco had to do all the learning from scratch during his early days as a programmer. This includes reading about SEO, taking the risks, and building websites too.

22:10 – Marco explains the “Distance Graph”

In the world of SEO, there are a lot of things that needs to be considered. For Marco, it’s about learning how Google’s “distance graph” works when it comes to SEO.

25:03 – How entities play a role in SEO

Entities play a significant role in different websites that can be found on Google. But how does it work when it is used for SEO purposes? Marco explains it for us in this section.

28:22 – The role of “Seed Sets”

Marco explains how seed sets work inside Google’s ecosystem and how this affects websites. This includes how Google only trusts itself when it comes to seed sets.

29:55 – Knowing why search engines may limit your success

Marco finally shed light to one of his famous quotes of all time. Sometimes, we are so limited of what search engines has to offer for us. But what if we turn the tables for the better?

32:04 – Marco’s most used link building method

Link building can make or break your webpage. But for Marco, tiering is one of the most effective methods that grants great success for your sites.

35:39 – Why press releases work well with SEO

Press releases play a vital role to any website. But did you know that it also works when it’s utilized for SEO too? In this section, Marco explains how the “tiering” method as well as other ones are connected to such press releases in building SEO.

38:34 – How Google Stacks work and connect with the RYS academy

Getting Google’s attention is not something that can be done overnight. For Marco, it’s about taking action, and letting Google know that you are an SEO who is in need of their power.

44:52 – Giving light about the Syndication Network

The idea behind syndication network is a bit blurry for people. For Marco, it’s about making a mark in the web. It’s about not making duplicate content but rather claiming your footprint and anything that’s part of who you are.

49:34 – How Marco legitimize personas

Marco explains how your personas are just as important as any aspects in your internet entity. So whenever it’s time to present yourself to Google, you have the most-fleshed out entity that’s above anybody else.



Google published two new best practices for product reviews on top of their best practices published in April.

Provide evidence such as visuals, audio, or other links of your own experience with the product, to support your expertise and reinforce the authenticity of your review.

Include links to multiple sellers to give the reader the option to purchase from their merchant of choice.

Being in enterprise SEO, a common request I get from different parts of the business is to remove pages from Google search.

John Muller shows us how to hide a page in search.

I always submit a page removal via Google Search Console and reach out to my web production team to implement what John just mentioned.

On the IMG YouTUbe channel, founder Kyle Roof show’s us how to become an authority

If you’re having some difficulties establishing authority from backlinks, be sure to create that topical authority with your content.

On SEO Fight Club this week, Ted Kubitis shares his
ultimate domain penalty check

That was an awesome SEO hack on creative ways to use the canonical tag.

I’ve seen some interesting ways the canonical tags have been used in the black hat SEO world.

One of my favorite YouTube shows is the Edge of Web, and this week, Erin Spark had Darren Shaw on the show to share Local Search Ranking Factors.

Let’s check out the three pillars of local search


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