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▷ SEO Video Show EP117:  Dr. Marie Haynes   – Founder @ MHC – Recovering from a Google update!

Guest Bio

Since 2008, Marie has been regarded as one of SEO’s foremost experts.

Marie is well-known for her knowledge of Google’s Search Algorithms and her willingness to explain them in simple words so that company owners can use them to optimize their websites better.

Marie is a published writer who has contributed to Moz, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Watch on manual penalties, Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines, and Google’s algorithms.

Marie is a frequent presenter at such conferences as Pubcon and SMX.

In addition to being recommended by Forbes and the Huffington Post, Marie has also received praise from Inc. magazine, Entrepreneur, and the like.

Knowledge Bombs

17:47 Google Ranking On Page 1

Marie stated that it’s all about E.A.T., which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. She emphasized that E.A.T is the core of everything, including every query you search, and it will process in the eyes of E.A.T, and it is what every legitimate business that is legitimately helping people is the key to getting on the first page. 

25:15 Tips on doing a site assessment

Marie discussed that you could do a quality assessment by googling her name and site quality, and you will find various sorts of information on what it is that google says that they value insights, and she developed a process. And eventually, she came up with the E.A.T. concept in 2017. In this way, she analyzed google’s quality raider guidelines, and since then, Google has documentation about assessing your site as a quality raider. Marie and her team have been working on the template to determine if you are an expert and have a level of authority and trustworthiness on your site. She also emphasized taking a  lot of work to improve quality,

29:30 Automating SEO Testing on Chrome

As discussed by Marie, most SEO work takes up most of the time in assessing the technical health of a website, and it’s important for obvious reasons. She prompted that there are places where you can optimize technical aspects of your site to help it to perform better in Google algorithm. Marie highlighted that people spend more time focusing on technical issues when google wants to reward content that’s better than competitors. 

31:09 Best Practices For Monitoring A Website Performance On A Global Scale

Ahrefs and Semrush have fantastic software to monitor different things that make monitoring better, according to Marie. And if you can use both, you can gain great insight into those. 

31:42 Traffic Performance And Traffic Drop Assessments

Marie explained that her first plan is to look for another reason that you know might be a factor or changes that messed up your site. Also, Marie indicated finding the dates on which traffic starts to decline, and when a Google update hits you, it’s usually obvious. Marie offers a list that she has been, including a list of every update, whether it’s an announced or a suspected update that Google, and you will be able to observe the status of your traffic and narrow down the system. Moreover, she also said that you could find examples of keywords that the client has declined and find out which competitors Google started to prefer at that time. Then, you can assess it using the raider’s guidelines. 

33:51 How Can Google Helpful In Recognizing Pages 

Marie indicated that you should know the right term to use. Google uses neural matching, and we’re used to searching keywords, and then Google’s index returns relevant pages. Moreover, you have to learn about neural matching because neural matching helps google relevant return pages in much better ways than PageRank.

36:22 Establishing Expertise

If you are trying to make your content sound like an expert, you need an expert to write. Authoritativeness is based on what other people say about you, so the quality raiders’ guidelines talk about how important it is for experts to be talking about you. Moreover, when talking about quality raider guidelines, pipelines can measure authoritativeness. 

41:25 Manual Action Penalties

Marie helped people with Manual actions. Google’s giving manual penalties means that they can’t deal; with it algorithmically and probably on their radar. These sites have been hit because of this thing that Google was working on trying to fix, so as Marie said, you can’t see a lot of manual actions these days.

Google Ads

I popped out my knowledge panel by playing with my page on Wikidata and registering profiles on the list Jason has on Kalicube.

Bibi Raven was on Rank ranger this past week.

She tells us How to create a linkable asset

Bibi will be on the show next month, so be sure to mark your calendars to get all kinds of link-building tips.

What’s MC4? Ted Kubaitis explains on SEO Fight Club

I highly recommend reviewing the new guide to Google Search ranking systems.

It’s a great way to understand if your tactics are working or explain traffic drops during core updates.

So What is a core update?

Lily Ray explains MOZ.

My guest today is someone who knows all about core updates and recovering from them.

Be sure to ask questions on the topic, and I will address them in the order they are received.

But before we introduce our guest, here is a word from our sponsor.


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