Mark Williams-Cook

Mark Williams-Cook

Guest Bio:

Mark has 16 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

He’s worked as an affiliate, making and flipping websites, and one of the first in the YouTube Partner Programme

He is one of two directors at digital agency Candour.

He runs the Search with Candour podcast, which provides weekly coverage of the search marketing industry covering SEO and PPC.

He founded AlsoAsked, a content research tool that collates and organizes ‘People Also Ask’ data from Google

He founded SearchNorwich. A free-to-attend search marketing meetup is held every two months in Norwich to raise charity money.

He’s spoken at BrightonSEO, Retra, and TalkingTech, as well as numerous universities and businesses around the country.

Please welcome Mark Williams-Cook

Knowledge Bombs:

19:06- How does Mark get page one ranking on Google?

Setting realistic goals, having a plan for content structure, and preventing yourself from getting cold feet are some of the few points that will make you get on Google’s page one, according to Mark.

20:01 – When did Mark first get into SEO?

Mark got into SEO when he was still 19 years old and started making websites with his friends. And from here, he became interested on how SEO works to make sites gain more traction.

23:27 – How did Mark “actually” learn SEO?

Back in the days, resources for SEO are scarce. But Mark discovered a forum where he connected with his fellow SEOs. With the knowledge he gained from the community, he started building websites and have done a lot of experimentation.

27:34 – The birth of Candour

As the director of Candour, Mark shares us an insight of how this company started from scratch and how it became successful. He shared that they’ve grown organically thanks to his team because he wanted to create a healthy working environment.

31:45 – Why did Mark create “AlsoAsked”?

AlsoAsked is a keyword research tool website that Mark created. He believes that this website will help SEOs to find the right keywords despite Google’s constantly changing rules and requirements in today’s time. In this in-depth section, Mark shares how the process of AlsoAsked works.

39:44 – How can we right better PPC ads using AlsoAsked?

On Mark’s AlsoAsked website, it boasts that the tool can make you right better PPC ads. In this section, Mark explains how it’s all about diving deep into your brand and finding its questions and fears that your target market always asks.

41:22 – How to get more clicks as explained by Mark

For Mark, it’s all about trying to dig into the intent behind all the searches for your brand. It’s also about utilizing your headline and letting people know that you can provide a solution for their questions and problems.

42:53 – Mark’s take on SEO in the next five years

Mark thinks that SEO will slowly move away from the ranking web pages model. He sees that this kind of strategy is starting to get dated and might be replaced with something new in the coming years.

45:14 – AI’s impact on keyword targeting

Mark shares that AI is already starting to take over in keyword targeting in today’s SEO industry. He believes that Google had already implemented this tech when the company started to stitch together different sources of knowledge to answer a query.

46:27 –Mark’s take on the need to optimize “voice search”

When voice search was introduced years ago, Mark thinks that it’s still complete rubbish. However, he believes that Google can easily handle this type of feature since they already built the technology for it. Mark sees this as a door to change how consumer’s behavior in doing search for the coming years.

48:31 – How well does AlsoAsked integrate with e-commerce websites?

According to data gathered by Mark and his team, AlsoAsked had a ton of questions regarding every day products. This pushed Mark to implement a feature that links these questions to product pages to create a seamless informational conversation between an e-commerce site and its consumers.

51:46 – What are the most popular episodes in Mark’s Candour podcast and what can we learn from it?

With over 138 episodes, Mark shares us the best episodes from his Candour podcast that contains a lot of educational information. Such an example include diving into internal linking, and using research development tools that are useful for bigger websites to gain organic traction.

54:36 – Mark’s advice for anyone who wants to become an SEO professional

For Mark, there is no bad entry for anyone who wants to be an SEO professional. There’s lots of areas that you can get into but the most preferred one is building a website and using it as a training ground, according to Mark. And whatever niche you are delving on, there will always be a branch of SEO inside it and all you have to do to embrace and learn it.

Google News:

Google announced this week that you’d be able to verify your website on Google Search Console using a DNS CNAME record. For more info, check out the link below.

Chris Penn tells us what data you should consider for your content planning when using Bing?

I can say this is also the same in PPC.

If you import your Google campaigns into Bing, you’ll notice you’ll get more clicks on keywords that you don’t get on Google.

So be sure you analyze both data to uncover some gold nuggets.

How To Use For Content Marketing & SEO with Ross Simmonds

I use as a source for authority backlinks.

I would scrape for expired medium profiles, re-register them, and add content.

Something similar to the expired domain strategy.

Our friends over at SEO Fight Club did a study on Google vs. AI Content. Let’s check out what they found.

The adverb strategy they talk about is pretty interesting.

Be sure to watch the entire video to see all the data they put together for this study.

The critical takeaway is modifying AI content slightly if you use it.
Marie Haynes tells us about How Google’s pros and cons of SERP annotations are generated

If you know using n-grams in your keyword research, you are missing out.

I use ngrams to identify keywords in sales transcript dumps and to help add keywords in PPC.


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