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Matt is an SEO expert on affiliate marketing and client ranking lead generation SEO services.

He is an SEO influencer and keynote speaker, and he was featured in the New York Post search engine journal and listened to the Top SEO blogs to follow.

He is the founder and CEO of Diggity Marketing.


18:19 Ranking on Google

Matt emphasizes the importance of choosing the right niche. Mostly, he’s delving into affiliate marketing; the niche selection is the 90% initial process. Then he followed the Topical Authority approach to figure out what needs to be written in your given niche, map that out and get writing on it, especially on the next algorithm update. Next is to write in the search engine words and have quality content. Also, build backlinks. 

24:25 Starting an SEO business

Matt describes how he started his affiliate marketing agency. He was clear about producing content, starting a blog, and sharing variable tests. He shared that people are no longer ready, and marketing structures like blogging and writing a blog post could improve. In this day and age, starting an SEO business is about improving and leveraging social media. And find out the correct medium for your audience.

28:28 How to start a personal brand for a shy person

You only need to start, and you get better over time. You need to start and need to stick to it. The first years will be your learning process, and it’s part of the process only to have a few viewers when you start working on youtube podcasts and others. Also, Matt emphasizes that you need to stick to your content schedules and commit yourself. 

30:01 Common Mistakes in building SEO business

First, it is about scaling and hiring. You must teach them what you do, be like you, and move on. There are a lot of people that you are good at different things. There are two various pitfalls when it comes to hiring processes. It is one, not hiring A players. An A player succeeds in doing the things you need in your business that most people fail at. So these people are going to take your business to the next level. Also, don’t hire B players. The second one is about knowing how to delegate responsibilities instead of tasks properly.

34:06 Effective Strategies in Building Links

Mat looks at link building in two categories. One is you want to have your high volume, high relevance links. This will help build the relevance of your site. The volume will supply page rank and enable move your rankings. The higher authority of the website, the less niche is down. Where do you get high authority links? Matt mentioned Haro and or digital PR. Also, you can get easy links from guest posts or outreach. The other one is about the traffic on Google.

39:24 Google Bart and ChatGPT replacing SEO

According to Matt, ChatGPT is not a threat because it is about losing traffic, but it depends on your keywords and how it looks in beta. AI is about sticking around for the waiting; right now, it does not harm at all.

42:18 How to build effective affiliate SEO and some challenges.

The biggest one is niche selection. Choosing a niche is key to building a successful partner SEO business. Choosing the right niche can greatly affect how well your website does, where it ranks in search engines, and how much money you make as an affiliate. 

48:37 Chang Mai Conference

They are bringing people together to Thailand to have a mastermind event. He reminded me not to do it for the money or ROI; you’re doing it for the love. The conference fired up around 800 people, inspired to learn from each other.

52:26 SEO thing that you wanted to do but realized you need help

You don’t do the SEO thing; the SEO money you get is inversely proportional to how much you log in to WordPress. You want to build links and optimize and learn all this stuff, but you will realize that it won’t be on your plate anymore, and you want other people to do it.



Past guest Robbie Richards shares his 5-Step Keyword Qualification Process

Just a heads up Robbie Richards reopened his SEO course and group.

It’s one of the courses and groups I’m a part of if you want to join an SEO community.

Crafting Content for Featured Snippets by Ahrefs

With the new GSE layout coming to Google, which is pretty much snippets on steroids.

I’m personally testing and optimizing my blog post format and structure to fit featured snippet criteria.

I’ll be sure to share what I find in a future episode.

Do you know who’s done a lot of testing? Is my guest today!

Please ask questions, and I’ll address them in the order that they are received.

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