Matt Zimmerman


Matt is an entrepreneur and visionary in AI and prompt engineering.

Matt is the proud founder of ZimmWriter, the world’s first AI content-writing software for the Windows platform.

ZimmWriter is an indispensable tool for writers, editors, and SEOs who rely on creating high-quality content at speed.

Matt’s innovative spirit also led him to create and a Youtube channel with 6k subscribers.


19:45: Low competition keywords to rank first on Google

According to Matt, he ranks first in Google by searching for low-competition keywords using a keyword tool and then verifying it through Google searches. Then he would write whatever content for it.

33:35 AI technology in the context of SEO

While AI technology has advanced and can generate content, particularly in the context of SEO and blogging, Matt emphasized the importance of having a crucial understanding of SEO principles and providing valuable content to continue ranking well on search engines like Google.

While AI, like GPT-4, can generate content based on what it knows, its effectiveness varies depending on its knowledge base. When writing about topics the AI needs to be better versed in, it’s essential to seed the content with background information to ensure relevance.

45:34 Potential Opportunities for AI Writing

The field of AI writing is incredibly exciting due to the opportunities it offers for invention and rapid development. Matt enjoys creating new things and witnessing his creations take shape quickly. He highlights the integration of scraping technology, such as the scrape-out account with a scraping API, which allows him to access external data that AI might not be familiar with. This ability to manipulate and incorporate external data is a powerful tool with significant potential.

46:40 Software Updates and evolution of AI content writing

Matt emphasizes his software’s dynamic nature, with regular updates incorporating new features. Regarding AI content writing’s future, Matt clarifies that current AI mainly refers to large language models (LLMs) and speculates about challenges in learning from pre-AI content due to the abundance of AI-generated content.Β 

The possibility of achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is mentioned, leading to uncertainty. Looking five years ahead, Matt anticipates accelerated production of valuable and low-quality content, whether with AGI or large language models.

52:33 Matt’s advice for aspiring SEO professionals

Matt suggests accessing educational content through podcasts like “The Authority Hacker” and informative YouTube videos. Learn from mistakes and adapt based on lessons learned. He recommends enrolling in reputable SEO courses, acknowledging potential costs and the need to discern course quality on platforms like Upwork.SEO is a long-term endeavour.


Google posted a URL structure best practices documentation update.

Google supports URLs as defined by RFC 3986. Characters defined by the standard as reserved must be per cent-encoded.

Unreserved ASCII characters may be left in the non-encoded form.

Additionally, characters in the non-ASCII range should be UTF-8 encoded.

Use readable words rather than long ID numbers in your URLs when possible.

They also say dashes should be used instead of underscores.

John Muller released a new video on what to do when changing SEO agencies in Search Console?

When I set up GSC for the client, I create a Gmail account of their site address and give them access.

It’s also the email I use to pay for subscriptions, so whenever the contract ends, I hand over everything.

Optimizing for images to show up on Google Elements, like in SGE, by Olesia Korobka

Optimizing for images can not only give you Google image traffic but Discover traffic as well.

Nathan Goth posted 17 Smart Ways to Optimize SEO Title Tags.

Let’s check out a few

Increasing CTR can help with your rankings, and we’ll learn more about the dark side of CTR next week with our guest Michael Merlino.

Content Refresh strategy with Matt Diggity

Using an AI writer is a great way to refresh your content, which brings me to my favorite part of the show.

Please ask questions, and I will address them in the order they are received.

Before I introduce our guest, here is a word from our sponsor.


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