Michael King

Mike pulls rank by using both sides of his brain to develop creative strategic solutions,

He likes having a messy desk, and doing whatever it takes to make things happen.

He pulls rank with 14 years of experience in digital marketing and 25 years in web development.

He pulls rank by never accepting anything that everyone else does.

He is the Founder and Managing Director of iPullRank.

He has worked with dozens of enterprise companies and has helped drive more than $1 billion in incremental revenue since iPullRank was founded in 2014.

He Search Engine Land 2020 Search Marketer of the Year

Please welcome a guy who likes to do hard things, Michael King!

21:28 – How to build internal credibility inside a company as an SEO

For Michael, building internal credibility is not something that can be done overnight. It takes understanding of the layout about why things are that way and gaining trust of the company as well.

22:35 – When did Michael get into SEO?

It all started when Michael is still a rapper and is looking for a job to pay his medical bills. He is then hired into an SEO agency company and started from there. As time went by, Michael eventually loved everything about SEO until he created his own agency too.

26:36 – SEO speaking tips by Michael

Michael says it’s not all about doing loads of webinars or blogposts, but it’s about having the people that can see and engage with you. This gives people a positive impression of you, making them want to connect and engage more.

29:50 – eBay interlinking, page two scripts, and more

In this in-depth section, Michael gives us an in-depth insight of how he helps clients with these custom scripts he made. Using these methods is a game-changer when it comes to growth, especially in terms of making content.

32:40 – Making core web vitals to get across companies

Michael explains how core web vitals plays an essential role when it comes to page rankings in today’s time. This leads to him hiring more people onboard when Google started with the changes in indexing as of late.

35:29 – What it feels like being working inside a company

Let’s admit, challenges are always present when working inside a big SEO agency. But for Michael, it’s about knowing your priorities, dedication, or fixing matters in the tactical or technical side of things.

43:57 – Michael’s advice for people who have their own SEO agencies

For Michael, it’s all about trusting the process because this is one of the key things that help him grow during his early stages in SEO.

47:22 – How important it is having a personal brand?

Having no personal brand makes you stuck of a mindset of continually trying to prove yourself to anyone. But if you have a personal brand, you will give an impression to people that you are good at what you do. Thus, creating loads of opportunities along the way.

48:34 – The future of SEO in the next 5 years

Michael sees a world of a very advanced Google tech to the point that it can actually pinpoint you to an exact place of what you are looking for based on your internet activity. However, things can be a bit complicated in the technical side of things when this happens.

50:41 – AI and SEO, the perfect match?

Michael thinks that AI is the next big thing for the future of SEO. For him, it eliminates the need of effort to filter out content that nobody wants. Thus, creating more valuable content that are factual and informative.

53:18 – Michael’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Doing hands-on stuff like being able to mess around with analysis, trying things out, and just committing code to a website are some of the few things to help you jumpstart your SEO journey.

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