Michael Pearse

Mike has over 21 years of experience in SEO

He takes a no BS approach to SEO, clients, and traffic generation.

He focused on ROI-based marketing and strives to provide premium results for clients, students, and his cash-generating websites.

He is a co-producer of the live NFG SEO training.

Marco Benavides, a past guest, considers him the best technical SEO in the industry.

He’s an expert in SEO spam.

Please welcome Michael Pearce.


19:08 – How does Michael get page one ranking on Google?

For Michael, it’s all about data. Whatever data that is, utilizing them will make you rank higher on Google.

19:30 – How did Michael first get into SEO?

It all started around 2001 where Michael is just selling websites. With little knowledge about design, he leaned more into the marketing aspect of it since this is where he stands out more.

21:03 – What else is Michael doing now in the SEO industry?

Aside from SEO consulting, Michael also does lead generation as well as working and helping clients with his team. For him, watching people grow is one of the things that motivates him to do more in the SEO industry.

23:09 – What SEO stuff does Michael still do today that other people thought it’s obsolete?

According to Michael, making money sites that link from one to the other is pretty much alive up to this day.

24:30 – Is Michael using AdSense into these “money sites”?

Yes, Michael is indeed using AdSense into these sites back in the day. However, it’s a roller coaster ride for him and his team that’s why he stopped doing it. Luckily, he has an alternative to still gain additional ad revenue into these sites.

26:56 – NFG’s Reciprocal linking as explained by Michael

Reciprocal thinking is a great way to grow shared content between two hosts. For example, if you have the same topic with a non-competitor who also shares content with you at the same time, you can create a link to these topics to help them build each other up.

27:35 – Knowing more about NFG SEO Training

As the co-producer of NFG SEO Training, Michael gives us a deep dive into what we can expect from this company. This includes plug-ins that you can use for your sites, what benefits you get, how they work with clients, and more.

28:28 – Michael’s hot take about topic clusters and keyword research

According to Michael, topic clusters and keyword research are getting more advanced as Google grows over the years. In this in-depth section, he gives us a detailed explanation on why people should never overlook topic clustering as well as keyword research.

31:45 – Is Michael a believer in creating personas?

For Michael, personas are extremely important whether if you are building it for research, or whatever you wanted to do in terms of SEO.

32:49 – How to rank in local organic without GMB?

Using spin tax is the best way, according to Michael, to rank auto-generated content without the need of a GMB.

33:49 – Increasing webpage visibility even if it’s stagnant for years… is it possible?

Reviving a stagnant website’s visibility is as easy as going to the first page and looking at the data first, as per Michael. This means having a thorough examination of what to modify to make this page, or even the website, to rank high again.

35:07 – Diving deep about “clusters”

Clustering plays a huge part in making your website topics more discoverable. In this section, Michael explains how clusters work and why keywords play an important role on this one too.

41:54 – What SEO tactics that people think are dead but still actually works?

For him, automation and syntax are sometimes overlooked in today’s time by a lot of SEOs. But Michael still believes that these tactics are still alive even today. It all boils down on how you utilize it for your websites.

44:16 – Old spammy tools are still a thing

With a plethora of new SEO tools and resources available today, Michael shares us some of his favorite oldies that still can be used today. This includes SC Nuke, GSA, Surf Shaker, and more.

45:38 – What’s the most money does Michael make on affiliate sites?

Michael got lucky getting into affiliate into his early years. This is where he earned around two to three thousand dollars a day. But for him, money from these sites comes and goes that’s why you should never get attached to it.

48:42 – What are some search operators that Michael uses that we should pay attention?

Michael and his team now only use site operators with keyword modifiers to make things simpler. This helps in managing data to flow more smoothly with little less stress on your side.

51:00 – “The revenge of the mini net” as explained by Michael

An SEO case study that Michael loves to promote is the “The Revenge of the Mini Net”. In this section, he explains what this is all about and how it changes your perspective to make a page relevant.

52:53 – Does Michael use videos as a link building strategy?

Videos play a vital role in the world of SEO. But for Michael, he’s not quite keen of using videos since he has his own way of scoring pages for himself.

55:16 – Michael’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

For Michael, it’s about picking the right people you listen to, especially when it comes to SEO. Building your own website and making it as a training ground for you to practice ranking is also a must as well.


Google News:

On the Google Search Central blog, they posted an update to Improving Product Review ranking and how search ranks product reviews.

The link to the blog is in the description.


Mordy Oberstein gives a quick Google MUM and Its Impact on SEO with on Itamar Bluer’s SEO Unplugged.

Both those guys were past guests here on the SEO Video Show, be sure to check them out.

Büşra for BoostROAS gives us two tips on how we can use Google for keyword research https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOI01JUQtjM.

I’m a big fan of using Google for keyword and topic research.

I talk more about it in the SEO in the 2022 book. If you are in the US, send an email to [email protected] with your address, and I’ll send you a copy.

Speaking of keywords, Tim Soulo, CMO of Ahrefs, was on Kalicube this past week and gave us a tip on search volume.

Single word search volume is one of my pet peeves when SEO for a client or company.

There’s so much gold in no-volume keywords if you do keyword research correctly.

Cheap vs. Expensive Freelance Writers: Who’s Better? Here are the takeaways from Sam Oh’s findings

Always great content from Sam Oh, who was also a past guest on the show.

Here is a word from our sponsor!



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