Mike Martin


Mark has been in the lead generation for over 10 years.

Mark has four software companies.

Mark has a seven-figure income on virtually complete autopilot.

Mark is the number one best-selling author in the US, UK, with Rank and Redbook.

Mark is the creator of the hybrid lead generation method.


19:22 Page one in Google Rank

Mike prompted; they built a normal local website and won’t go into it all around now, and they built it in the content and linking. They will pick five or ten local areas to target the keyword location. Afterwards, they will put five or ten local areas with low search volume, like 50 to 300 searches monthly. After that, they will build keyword location, which should be identical to the webpage and build links. 

28:44 About Rank and Rent 

The strategy in ranking and rent is that you will build a local website, and then you rank it in half a dozen areas you usually simplify to go out and find the lead buyers. Initially, when a site comes in, it might only be doing five leads a week and then 10-20. Once your decent number of leads reach out to the people, that lead simplifies prospecting for us inside their system. It all boils down to ranking local websites and then renting them out. 

36:02 Fundamentals of local business to find a profitable niche

The focal point is to have a high search volume or high value. And if you can find one that’s got both, you’ve hit the nail on it. If it’s got thousands of searches and it’s low value, then like, got tons of searches, but it’s a very low price job, you might want to be charging two or three dollars a lead, but you can sell that lead to 15-20 different guys by automating. 

41:50 Claiming broken links

According to Martin, he builds it, so we’ll buy the site it links to because you are looking for an Ahrefs tool. You use Ahrefs, and it’ll come up and say that they can’t find this particular site. If you go to the broken link tool, there are 404s, but then it will notify you that they can’t find the URL on them if you download it, it takes it to the book URL checker paste. Every site generates an income to scrape the yellow pages, and any expired will buy and scrape the Yellow. 

44:03 Keeping old business separate and having your own new business

The process is they would scrape and go to local directories, and the second thing is they set up a Youtube channel for that particular business and any videos on the channel. Then, they will link back from the Youtube profile back to their website. Scraping yellow pages is about finding businesses that have gone out of business in a 15-20 mile radius. There are also home page link rankings.

47:34 Different types of tools in scraping.

There are yellow pages and other associated things about yellow pages. The Yellow Pages scraper is a one-time fee, and it’s about 100. You’ll pay about that; you use proxies, which will let you scrape all the yellow pages. 

50:18 About the Magic page plug

Martin prompted that you need to go after with low search volume area first and then go to your target. If you are targeting “Plumbing Miami,” you will put the magic page plug on there, get a 15-mile radius, and then build it for every area with more than 5,000 population.


Google shared a new case study in Google Search Central on video SEO.

Videos continue to grow in importance as a format for content creation and consumption on the web, and they can appear in Google Search results across all platforms and locales.

Google aims to identify, understand, and display useful videos from around the web, helping people find relevant content and making it easier to consume.

I’ve greatly advocated for producing and optimizing video content, particularly on Youtube.

Google Perspectives is a new search element we can optimize for that pulls videos.


John Muller shares Top 3 Google SEO updates for July

Do it today if you still need to sign up for Google search labs. You’ll get access to the new SGE experience, and you can get a head start on analyzing new features you can optimize for.

The REAL Reason You’re Not Ranking Higher in Google.

Sam Oh says the very first thing to do is check the “eligibility” of your pages.

Google Images SEO Ranking Secret by Ranking Academy

I’ve used Google Cloud Vision to pull out entities but never thought of this idea.

Definitely worth testing out, and if you need help deciding what image to use, you can always turn to Google Cloud Vision

Audience Research before Keyword Research by Ross Hudgens

This is a must for any enterprise SEO, especially when picking up a new client or starting a new job.

Now that we have AI, we can quickly grab sales transcripts and plug them into Chat CPT or your favorite AI for analysis.


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