Moon R. Hussain

Guest Bio

Moon has been in the SEO industry since 2008. 

Moon is constantly doubling client site traffic and converting more readers into revenue. 

Moon has worked and consulted on affiliate sites starting up to ~$70k/month.

Moon was also a speaker at SEO Mastery Summit and SEO Rockstars. 

Moon co-founded an on-site and technical SEO-focused agency, Rule Your Rankings, which broke six figures within one year.

Knowledge Bombs

17:27 How Moon Ranks On Page One of Google

Moon revealed that she ranks on page one of Google through keyword strategy, unique, comprehensive content, then optimizes it with solid on-page SEO. She added that when you stack it, each article you publish adds to your credibility and topical authority. 

25:56 Important Things to Know in Affiliate Marketing

In order to succeed in affiliate marketing, Moon said that one of the most important things you can do is to set up a blog or do keyword research. The technical steps are easy to learn, so you just have to learn something every week and hit that learning curve to accomplish your goals.  Moon also emphasized the importance of Mental Pacing when starting out in this career.

30:59 How to find profitable keywords

Moon like to use product-based keywords since it is more profitable. Long-tail keywords are also important, and they tend to rank high easily, so she carves more on finding these keywords first.  Case-type keywords also worked to be highly profitable, especially when you use keywords like ‘how to use this product’ and anything similar.

33:57 Best Backlink Strategy for Money Sites

Moon believes that the best way to get a high-quality backlink strategy is through on-page SEO. Backlinks can be bought, and most of the time, this can be costly and would look like spam, so rather than focusing on how to get backlinks, just invest in on-page SEO.

Focusing on long-tail keywords and making high-quality content will attract more links with high topical or domain authority.

37:19 Internal Linking

Internal linking is links that are within your site, like when you’ve created one of your blog posts that’s going to another page within your site. Moon has similar rules in doing her  internal linking with backlinks.  

She tries to keep the keyword she wants to rank and keep the exact match anchor text low.  She added that you could link it with partial anchor text and mix it with a branded domain name. Then you can add a few ‘click here’ or ‘read more’ anchors.

41:40 Advanced Strategy in Internal Linking

Moon likes to call this tier one because you add a first layer to your internal linking. She points internal links to the main page to create a more powerful impact on the site, especially if that is already receiving more backlinks from other sites. So Google would then deem that site to be fairly powerful.

43:47 Mistakes to Avoid when Creating SEO money sites

Many affiliate sites are just there to make money, but Moon emphasized the need also to keep the audience in mind. Pad your expectations and do the leg work of doing keyword research and publishing unique content consistently for months in order to get rewarded by Google.

45:49 How to Find Affiliate Products

If you already have a niche, you can get started with Amazon. Moon also suggested conducting basic research and exploring various affiliate programs and networks. You can also do word of mouth and talk to people who would be interested in doing a deal with you.

48:34 Other Ways to Monetize Product

Affiliate products are another thing that you can do. Moon adds that you can sell services, coach people and create sources, create membership sites, and even sell your merchandise and physical products.

 50:37 Creating Contents In Affiliate Sites

Moon loves to lean towards promotional content, but instead of publishing lengthy blogs like a mad woman, she invites her readers to a sales funnel. So she would put a Call to action that says, ‘Join my Facebook page or my contact list.’ Once they are there, she sells her products in a way that fits her personality more.

53:56 AI Content Tools

Moon does not use AI-generated content because it would take a lot of editing, putting her at risk of being penalized. With money on the line, she just relies on a writer who helps her produce good content.

56:03 Affiliate Niches for Newbies

Moon suggests going for passion niches. Go for something that interests you to fuel your motivation and to keep you on the go even if you are not still getting results. Passion niches are also good because you would know about them, so you can just easily go back to them.

58:40 Advice to those who want to be SEO professionals

As much as possible, get a job in an SEO agency, even as a junior, where you can get access to tools, and you’re going to learn a lot. If you are doing blogs or running sites for yourself, use free tools, publish content, launch your site, and play around with things. Moon capped it by saying that besides learning, you need to also ‘do’ and ‘apply’.

Google News

Google just released another episode of the Search Off the Record podcast.

The crew talked about how you can prevent a staging site from becoming indexed

Other tactics I’ve done were updating my robots.txt file and submitting the staging URL root domain into Google Search Console’s URL page removal.

Ryan Stewart shares how he closes an SEO deal.

Check out the forecasting tool at and watch him close a client live.

I’ve been waiting for a tool like this forever.

It will help both in-house SEO with budgets and campaign briefs and help consultants sell results and not services.

Matt Diggity shares How to use chatGPT to create topical authority.

Matt always puts out great content.

If you know him, let him know I want him on the SEO Video Show!

Programmatic SEO: How to deliver SEO at scale, in an automated manner by Kevin Indig

Speaking of internal linking, my guest specializes in powerful internal link strategies today.

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

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