Mordy Oberstein

Mordy has years of experience working on the development of SEO tools and products.

He was the official liaison to the SEO community at Wix.

He is an SEO educator, and you’ll find him regularly releasing all sorts of original SEO research and analysis.

You can often find him talking about SEO at conferences, on podcasts, and on webinars.

He is the founder of the SEO rant, SEOs Behind the Scene Podcasts, and frequently on the Edge of the Web Podcast.

Please welcome the current head of communication of Semrush, a steeler fan, Mordy Oberstein!


21:00 – How does Mordy get on page one in Google?

Getting on page one is all about finding the highly-targeted keywords that speaks to the pain point of your users, according to Mordy.

21:45 – How did Mordy first get into SEO?

Mordy started working on an educational software company where he was assigned in the database side of things. It was when his boss asked him to do web content such as managing landing pages and social media presence where it eventually led him to SEO.

23:10 – How Mordy actually “learned” SEO

Being self-taught is what made Morty dive deep into SEO. He began reading everything that he possibly could relating to SEO. For him, it can be really hard to find good information about SEO and can be quite a challenge especially for newbies.

26:56 – Does technical SEO audits can lead to increased predictable indexability?

There’s no better way to increase indexability is by removing index tags in your audited pages, according to Mordy.

27:36 – Creating content plan without overlapping topics… is it possible?

For Morty, the bad thing about overlapping topics is that keyword capitalization is non-existent. This is where you have to tend your landing page and ensure that people will be heading to your certain blog post instead of the landing page itself.

29:23 – Mordy’s advice for people who wants to apply for the “content roles” at Semrush

It’s all about going the extra mile and jumping in with two feet, as per Mordy. As the head of communications of Semrush, he wants to ensure that the company provides best services for everyone. So, if you are eyeing for this position at Semrush, do you have what it takes?

31:54 – Landing page optimizations and how it affects the SEO or PPC side

Landing pages can be quite tricky sometimes. Some few modifications can greatly affect the SEO or PPC side of things. In this section, Mordy explains how you can avert certain landing page situations and how to up the ante to provide more benefit to your users.

34:45 – Mordy explains one of his notable quotes

“Ranking is a false metric, and most SEO data in general is problematic” as what Mordy said. But what does this even mean? For him, there’s a larger problem in general with SEO data that can pose limitations for us. In this section, he explains why and how it relates to his quote.

38:24 – How does Semrush manage internal linking?

There are certain ways to manage internal linking through Semrush thanks to their features. One of these features includes internal link filter that helps you identify if you have any orphan pages on your site.

40:01 – Pages with high bot visits but have poor interlinking. How is this possible?

According to Mordy, interlinking is a low-hanging fruit that is extremely important to a page. But on the other hand, there are sites that will probably link to your page too depending on Google’s algorithm. This is how general SEO works and one you should always keep in mind.

41:36 – The birth of SEO Rant podcast

Aside from being the heads of communication at Semrush, Mordy also had an SEO podcast called the “SEO Rant Podcast”. In this section, he explains how this side hobby of him came to fruition, how it became big in the long run, and how podcast is detrimental in meeting new people with same minds.

48:09 – Key things you should do every day as an in-house SEO

Mordy provides some key things that will make you an effective in-house SEO. One of these strategies is knowing the perception of your page and what message you want to convey, especially if it’s a branding site. Get your notes ready because there are tons of tips that Mordy tackles here in this section.

55:52 – What is the most personal SEO rant that Mordy has that have the most engagement?

For Mordy, the best rant that he ever had is that you should never see your users as idiots because they can see right through you. No matter your position is in the SEO industry, treating your users the same level as you are is important.

59:59 – Morty’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Interacting with the community is the best advice Morty can give for those who wants to be an SEO professional. Finding the right people helps you find the right content as well as keeping yourself updated of the trends and news in the SEO industy.


Google updates:

John, Martin, and Gary celebrate recording over 20 episodes of the podcast.

The discussion on universal search is fascinating

A new blog was posted on Google Search Central on Simplifying the Page Experience report.

Google launched a new version that simplifies the report by removing the Safe Browsing and Ad Experience widgets from the Page Experience report and fixes how missing data is handled.

Have you ever wondered how machine learning works in search engines?

Jason Barnard tries to explain it in under a minute on the Kalicube channel

Did you understand it now? I need to watch that entire episode one more time.

Next month, I will be on Jason’s channel talking about video SEO and how I grew this channel.

So be sure to subscribe to his channel and hit that notification bell.

Let’s continue the conversation with NLP.

Natural language processing has been a hot topic when it comes to content optimization.

So what is it? Chris Penn gives his answer on his channel.

OK, that’s enough technical-related stuff for SEO.

Let’s get into something we haven’t covered on the show yet.

Keith from Minted Empire is restarting his YouTube channel, and he released a video on aged domains.

Are you buying aged domains?

I do not pay the prices for vetted aged domains,

I’ll go through a phase of researching expired domains.

It’s like a treasure hunt.

I use; it’s free so go check it out to hunt for an aged domain gem.

Ross Simmonds reminds us about content distribution every week.

Let’s see what he has to say this week.

He goes on to say you can create a competitive advantage by
investing in what others ignore, niche publications, and communities.

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