Nick Jordan

Nick has been doing SEO for only three years but has been establishing himself as an authority in the space by rank his clients’ websites with no backlinks.

He’s taken four projects from 0 – 100,000+ organic visits per month.

He hit 100,000 organic visits per month in just eight months.

He had grown his company from 1 to 25 in 2020

He is looking to grow his company to 75 full-time employees in 2021

He’s a controversial SEO and gets called out all time,

Please welcome the founder of cluster ai and content distribution, nick Jordan!


23:00 – How did you get into SEO?

You won’t believe this, but before becoming a successful entrepreneur and SEO expert, Nick Jordan dropped out of school and learned all the skills he has today on his own. In this section, Nick tells us how he went from 0 to 100 in his SEO journey.

25:00 – We did what SEOs thought was never part of SEO

According to Nick, they never did backlinks, and they never did any super technical stuff; what they did was build a lot of content publishing, which SEOs didn’t think was an SEO job. But Nick saw the potential from that type of market and grew larger because of it. Their goal is to rank the highest with quality content, and they were successful at it.

25:55 – Topical Authority

Before jumping into Cluster.AI, Nick talked about topical authority. According to Nick, Google discovers a billion web pages every day, and it makes sense how covering a topic in-depth can appear authoritative even without backlinks. It’s one of the best ways to rank against highly-authoritative pages out there with 300-1000 pages on their website.

27:10 – Referral Traffic – An In-Depth Explanation from Nick

How does Google determine whether one page is valuable to a user before showing it in the search results and getting traffic? According to Nick, it’s referral traffic. If you can send referral traffic, it sets you apart from all the pages that Google presents. With referral traffic, you rank better; you rank quicker.

30:00 – “The more authoritative we are, the fewer words we can write!”

If you’re competing with a new site, your goal is to write more and write better than anybody else. But if you’re in full authority mode, you can get away with these things, according to Nick.

30:40 – Cluster.AI

According to Nick, Cluster.AI helps you automate keyword research using Google SERP data. In this section, Nick shares how Cluster.AI works to scale your business, especially in keyword research and ranking. To Nick, Cluster.AI helped them achieve many milestones in their organization.

35:00 – Nick’s software vs. keyword cupid?

For Nick, their software (Cluster.AI) is ahead of the game than keyword cupid, simply because it’s battle-proven. Today, most SEOs use both tools, but they prefer Cluster. AI.

37:17 – “I think that user engagement metrics heavily influences Google SEO Search results.”

For Nick, this isn’t a controversial issue at all. Everybody knows that user engagement metrics influences YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more to determine if one page adds more value to the user than the other page.

39:50 – How Nick uses Zapier to his advantage

According to Nick, for B2C websites, their goal is to figure out how to send referral traffic to the pages they’d like to rank. They used Zap to take images from other sources and continually pushed them to a platform like Pinterest, Reddit, and more.

40:32 – Nick’s process of doing Keyword Research

Nick and his team’s main goal in keyword research is to develop a list of every keyword that people will search from the top to the bottom. Another important part of this process is to think like a thesaurus/vocabulary and think about the similar terms that other people use to search. After this, they export and import all of those keywords to Cluster.AI, and the job is done!

45:10 – Nick’s advice for those who want to become an SEO professional/expert!

According to Nick, the goal is to deliver consistent results; 1 or 2 projects aren’t enough; you have to be consistent all the time. If you can approach SEO with the same consistent mindset, you will be very successful.



The latest Search off the Record podcast was posted, and the insights about how search queries are handled are fascinating. The direct link to this portion of the podcast in the description below.

In the latest SEO Fight Club episode, Ted Kubaitis, the creator of the Cora SEO software, shares an exciting meta title secrets

SEO secrets like this are why I love the SEO Fight Club show and the IMG community. Be sure to check out to learn more about joining the SEO community, the Netflix for SEOs.

Are your links rotting? Joost de Valk, the chief product officer of Yoast, gives his thoughts

Why is this important? Broken links create a terrible user experience, and we all know that Google cares about user experience. You use a tool like ScreamingFrog to find these broken links.

Over on the BoosToas channel, Busra shows a few tips on how to Find Your Competitor’s Keywords using by simply using Google.

One tip I tell budding SEOs who insist on asking what tools I use is that Google itself is my number 1 tool. Learn how to use all the search tools, settings, and parameters Google already offers. It’s a great way to learn the search landscape and how Search works.

Ross Simmonds reminds us why we should create content for humans

The best way to write for humans and satisfy Google is to create topical Authority.

Topical Authority has been a hot topic. For a good reason. It’s what Google loves. Koray Tugberk gives us three steps for someone to get started with topical Authority.

This is the perfect segway to introduce my special guest today.

He has created a tool that can help us create topical Authority and wrote a 6,000-word guide on how he grew his content team to 25 writers.

For those in the live chat, please ask questions during our conversation, and I will bring them up in the order they were received.


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