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Norman Farrar The Beard Guy! | Amazon SEO Tips and Strategies

Guest Bio:

Norm is an entrepreneur and businessman who stands at the forefront of the economic mega-machine Amazon Marketplace.

As a leading expert with over 25 years of product sourcing, development, and branding expertise, Norm is an advisor to many and an inspiration to all.

He is a nationally recognized speaker and thought leader.

He has championed a variety of products and brands to generate over $1 million in sales monthly.

He has sold over 100 million dollars in sales between his products and services and the opportunities he has brokered for clients.

He is currently running a diverse catalog of companies, including AMZ Club and PRReach.

Please welcome Norman Farrar.

Knowledge Bombs:

18:25- How does Norman get page one ranking on Google?

Norman’s secret to Google’s “page one” success is by doing a lot of content marketing.

19:08 – How did Norman got into SEO and Digital Marketing?

Norman started working with rank-and-sell stuff back in the days with his team. Fast forward in today’s time, most of the strategy’s they are working on before are highly unlikely to work now. This is where Norman pushed himself to dig deep about SEO and its ever-changing nature.

21:12 – How did Normal “actually learn” SEO?

Being involved with groups within the SEO community is the way Normal learned about SEO in the past. He shared that it’s not easy to get such information because you need to filter out the good groups and the bad groups.

23:38 – What businesses does Norman currently have?

As an entrepreneur, Norman is currently in many businesses. Such businesses include “netfluence” which is about amplified content. The other one is Honor Worldwide, where he and his team provide sourcing supply chain management and doing product innovation. And of course, Amazon Marketplace.

27:14 – All About Amazon SEO

Touted as the “Amazon expert”, Normal shares a lot of things of how SEO works around this popular marketplace. This includes having a properly optimized listing, using tools to determine a product’s description is optimal enough for selling, doing enhanced brand content, using PPC, influencer marketing, and more.

35:06 – The importance of website for Amazon sellers

Websites are an integral part for every Amazon seller. For Norman, he thinks websites are great because it gives you the ability to upsell, down sell, and cross-sell. Thus, letting you gain traffic on your site while earning money from your products at the same time.

37:19 – How does “influencer marketing” work for Norman?

For Norman, approaching influencers to market your products is as easy as finding them through the hashtags they use. He also said that the best way to approach influencers is by not directly sending them a dm. But by making a connection with them first, such as commenting on their posts, before you market your products to them. The best part? This applies to ANY influencers be it blog writers, models, content creators, and the like.

40:35 – What’s the cost of Amazon’s PPC (pay-per-click) in today’s time?

Norman thinks that Amazon’s PPC differs before and today. For him, Amazon today is becoming more like day trading, where the market makers sit back and gobble up day traders, which applies to both long-time sellers and newbies.

41:54 – Other factors in Amazon that may affect ranking

Just like traditional SEO, factors that can make your products to be more discoverable on Amazon includes having great product images, using relevant keywords for the algorithm to pick up, and linking your content in Google Business Profile through an anchor URL, especially on products.

46:33 – Walmart Marketplace secret you should know

The difference between Amazon and Walmart lies on their features. What’s best is that the Walmart Marketplace’s ranking has a “scoring system”. This allows sellers to fill in the gaps, be it getting reviews, customer engagement, or even shipping options, to increase the score so their products will become more discoverable.

54:14 – What is “Video PR?”

For Norman, Video PR has been around for years and is a much better way to make engagements. Basically, video PR is a type of content-linking method that combines a press release with a matching video of it that drives people to the website of a seller which contains their product listings.

47:11 – Norman’s advice for anyone who wants to become an SEO professional

“Never give up learning” is Norman’s advice for those who wants to become an SEO professional. As well as being resilient and getting up when times get tough too.

Google News:

Google has updated its Google Search Quality Raters Guidelines PDF over nine months since the last update.

Lily Ray says it was the most significant update Google has made to its Quality Rater Guidelines as it relates to the concept of “YMYL” (your money, your life) in recent years.

SEO consultant Brodie Clark covers how existing SEO equity can transfer to global markets on Siege Media’s channel

Global SEO was something I specialized in my last company, and I have to say this is a big problem.

Another way to help is adding meta siteid, meta countryid meta country, meta language, and schema of the closest office if you have one in another country.

Instead of building links, do collaborations is the message from this week’s video from Income School.

I’m a big fan of collaborations. Building relationships with my guests have gotten me speaking gigs, podcast appearances, and even being featured in a book, all building my backlinks and brand.

Many of you know I do both PPC and SEO, so I love it when I can share content when it contains both.

Jay Ratkowski shares how he uses PPC to test an SEO strategy.

For those trying to get into affiliate marketing, Olga Zarzenzna asked Craig and Chris their opinion on buying an affiliate site or starting from scratch this past week on their weekly show.

So if you have the money, look for the site already generating 200-300 dollars a month to give you a great start in affiliate marketing.


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