Olga Zarr

Olga first got into SEO in 2012

She is a technical SEO specialist working with both vast brands and small to medium-sized websites.

She specializes in doing advanced technical SEO audits, on-site SEO optimization, advanced SEO analyses, etc.

She loves sharing SEO processes and sharing her SEO resources so that others can learn from them.

She is a contributing author of the SEO in 2022 book

Please welcome Olga Zarr!


17:16 – How does Olga get ranking on page one of Google?

Researching about long-take keywords, looking for questions, or doing a deep dive of knowing the search intent of such keywords are what made to rank higher on Google.

18:18 – How did Olga first get into SEO?

Olga used to create websites way back in 1997 but had no idea how to monetize it. This is where she joined a course called “site build” where it taught her how SEO works in a step-by-step manner. Thus, allowing her to monetize her sites later on.

23:21 – The birth of SEOSLY

As the owner of SEOSLY, Olga had a roller coaster experience of building this site from the ground up. In this section, she gives us an insight of SEOSLY’s history and how it became the be one of the most reliable SEO tools in today’s time.

24:55 – Olga’s recent project: Building an affiliate site

Olga and her husband had joined forces in creating this affiliate site for SEOs. However, it’s not as easy as anyone may think. Though her husband has already done keyword research, getting writers is the most difficult part for them.

26:30 – How did Olga started doing affiliate SEO?

Affiliate SEO is not really Olga’s field at first. But she was eager to learn more about it and this is where she started to follow influential people to know more about affiliate SEO.

27:52 – Why is it important to be in Google search console first?

Google search console (GSC) is sometimes overlooked by SEOs. But according to Olga, this is the perfect place where we can see what Google wants to draw our attention, what Google is seeing in our site, what Google wants best for us, and more.

29:18 – What’s the most important thing to check in Google search console?

Checking your “discover” visibility is always a must in GSC, as what Olga said. There are plenty of reasons why your Google discover presence will die down, such as taking a break for months. That’s why always checking discover and staying active in publishing content is vital.

29:51 – How to get into Google Discover

Publishing articles or content on a regular basis is what Olga advices in becoming discoverable in Google’s “discover”. For her, making sure these articles are optimized will help boost up your discover presence too.

30:56 – Internal linking tips by Olga

Linking one article to another that are thematically related is the best way to boost your internal linking strategy. Olga also suggests getting rid of the “click more” links, and having important links with the right keywords instead.

31:54 – Are there anything else in GSC that we need to pay more attention?

For Olga, checking your crawl stats report is also important when exploring Google search console. According to her, this is crucial if you have a huge site and doesn’t want to do log file analysis that is pretty time-consuming.

34:56 – Does the robot.txt file matter?

Robot.txt is a common file that every website creator has probably encountered with. For Olga, it’s not necessary to play around with the robot.txt file. Based on her experience, you should always review a site to make sure that proper stakes are valid and the correct sitemaps works as intended.

36:50 – Image SEO tips by Olga

Did you know? Monitoring your image SEO traffic is as easy as going to GSC, according to Olga. But aside from that, having images that corresponds to your article content is a must. Doing so helps you gain better SEO performance through images alone.

39:37 – Does photoshopped stock images perform better in Image SEO?

Curious about what happens if you have photoshopped stock images? Well, you are in the right track because Olga says that this is perfectly fine and won’t affect your image SEO negatively.

41:36 – What tools does Olga use aside from GSC and Google Analytics?

Olga uses a lot of tools for her site audits which includes screaming frog, site bulb, and ahrefs, just to name a few. This allows Olga to maximize her website’s full potential to ensure that it ranks higher.

43:04 – Which is which? Screaming Frog or Site Bulb?

These two SEO resource tools have been widely used by SEOs as of late. According to Olga, both has its own benefits that will greatly affect your site. For the beginners, Olga highly recommends Screaming Frog but if you want to go deep technically, Site Bulb is the way to go.

45:41 – What does Olga’s working process look like?

Want to work with Olga for SEO site audits? Then you are in for a treat. In this section, she gives us a thorough insight of her workflow process and the benefits you’ll get when working with her.

48:39 – How does Olga explains her audits to clients?

Olga uses a question-and-answer format in handling site audit results to clients. Such an example of these questions are does your site have an index tag, are there any issues in this particular format, and so on. After the client answers these, Olga gives specific recommendations that helps fix these problems.

52:07 – How much can someone make when doing technical SEO audits?

For Olga, the range varies on how big or small a site is. But this also depends if you implement the recommendation and fixes that you give to the client too.

57:06 – Olga’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Olga advices that studying everything about documentation whether it’s SEO or Google, is a must for those who wants to dive into the SEO game. Also, having a website that you can use as a training ground is also important as well.


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