Peter Van Der Graaf

Peter has been active in the SEO industry for over 24 years.

He’s well known for his innovative approaches to gaining a ranking advantage in all types of search results.

Attracting the right signals of authority and popularity like in link building is his absolute specialty.

He currently runs a clean SEO agency in Amsterdam, but his black hat skills are renowned.

Between 2006 and 2012, Peter used to speak at all international SEO conferences but then surprisingly vanished from that spotlight to go underground.

Please welcome the black hat SEO godfather, Peter van der Graaf.


18:44 – How does Peter get ranking in Google

CTR is Peter’s best friend to be in the first page of Google. Not to mention, link building is also part of his roster too!

19:19 – Peter’s early experiences in getting into SEO

Peter started his SEO journey as a website builder back in the 90s. Once he got discovered, Peter continued his journey as an affiliate thank to his connections.

20:07 – How Peter learned about being an affiliate

Just like everyone, Peter started from nothing. But thanks to having solid connections back in the days, Peter rose to greatness in becoming an affiliate.

21:33 – The old ways of ranking in search engines

Ranking is a whole lot different back then compared to today. For Peter, ranking before is all about keyword stuffing which is almost non-existent today.

22:13 – Does “black hat” SEO still work today?

According to Peter, the black hat SEO still pretty much working today. In this section, he explains briefly how this SEO method works.

23:16 – SEO methods that are not commonly used in today’s time

As said earlier, SEO is a lot different back then. For Peter, what helped him back in the day that doesn’t work now is the cloaking method.

24:24 – Peter’s mind-blowing timeless SEO stories

Peter has been working on algorithm testing recently because of the plethora of algorithm updates as of late. For him, this brings a lot of new opportunities to the table which can help website builders a lot.

27:34 – Explaining the main concept of opinion sculpting

People tend to stress search engines most of the time. But with a lot of websites that might be posting fake or real news, it can be hard which of them proposes truthful facts. So for Peter, it’s about sculpting these website orders in search engines to show one that has more factual information.

29:33 – Peter’s definition about link value

For Peter, link value is all about having layered link approaches. For example, having an already-owned domain and built a link value upon there. But it doesn’t end there! In this section, watch Peter thoroughly explain about his link value method.

31:23 – Peter’s CTR method

With plenty of CTR methods hanging around, Peter has his own way of defining this method in a unique way. In this section, Peter explains how the CTR method works in a logical manner.

32:20 – Unique website interactions that increases CTR

Peter has a unique and FUN way of having people interact with his website to increase CTR. For instance, having an easter egg hunt where users can participate as if it’s a contest is a great example.

33:40 – How EAT updates and other tighter rules affect adult websites

There are times where adult websites are having a hard time get higher ranks because of tighter rules and EAT updates. In this section, Peter explains how doing changes even on the homepage can create an impact in ranking these sites higher without Google intervening.

37:27 – The concept of viral backlinks according to Peter

Peter has an interesting and creative way of explaining how viral backlinks work through the use of sex toys. But what’s great is that you can apply this type of ideology in your SEO journey too!

42:36 – Peter’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

For Peter, being an SEO professional is about getting your hands dirty, building websites by yourself, and fool around with the tools and resources that you can get your hands on.

47:19 – SEO tools and resources for beginners

Peter recommends AHREFS as the best tool and resource hub for beginners who wants to dive into the world of SEO.

48:09 – Did Peter encounter any penalties in his SEO journey?

Everyone of us had its own share of rock bottom moments. But this is not the case for Peter. Throughout his entire SEO career, Peter keeps recovering and continually makes effort to ensure that he is doing a great job in SEO.

49:14 – Is Peter doing NLP?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is also used by Peter with the help of his team. This includes reverse engineering, for example, to ensure that everything they do is factual and not riddled by fake content made by bots.

52:35 – Is it still possible to do fake personas?

Fake personas are still rampant in today’s time. And according to Peter, this is still possible as long as you give this persona a history to make it believable.



The November 2021 Core Update is now rolling out live.

As is typical with these updates, it will typically take about one to two weeks to roll out fully.

So be sure to keep a close eye on your rankings and don’t make any sudden changes until everything settles.

Lily Ray was on Stephan Spencer’s channel this week, and she mentions how she prioritizes technical SEO tasks

A great place to start on identifying these errors is right in your Google Search Console.

GSC groups similar errors.

Want to be a high-impact SEO consultant?

Ross Hudgens, a past guest, says use dollars in making arguments for your SEO recommendations.

Consultant or in-house SEO tying dollars to recommendations and organic clicks is always a good idea to show the value of your work.

If you want an additional SEO budget, this is a must.

There are 3 people I think of when it comes to semantic SEO. Dixon Jones, Bill Slawski, and Koray Gruber .

Let’s check out Koray’s definition of semantic SEO on the Kalicube Channel

Koray always drops knowledge bombs on SEO shows.

Be sure to watch his episode on the SEO Video Show, I believe his episode had the most live viewers I ever had, for a good reason!

Does social sharing help target pages rank in the SERPs? Kyle Roof shares his thoughts

I’ve always been a big advocate on social signals.

Ranking factor or not, social sharing by authoritative personas has been an ingredient in my own SEO ranking recipe.

Speaking of personas, by guest, today is no stranger in building authoritative sites and personas.

Which brings me to my favorite part of the show.

Please be sure to ask questions, and I will address them in the order that they are received.

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