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Randy has been the founder and CEO of 38 Digital Market, a full-service SEO and digital press release agency.

Randy has been helping businesses dominate their market by leveraging the power of social media, Google, and press releases.

Randy is also the host of the Running the Bases with Small Businesses podcast.

Randy has spoken at SEO Rockstars, YACSS SEO Conference, and more.


19:14 Ranking first on Google through Press Release

Randy ranks on the first page on Google through Press Releases. This includes writing a compelling article and throwing it out to a very good publisher.

24:45 The importance of Brand voice and Brand awareness

In today’s modern SEO strategies, brand voice and awareness are increasingly important in crafting high-quality content. This content, which can take various forms, including press releases and original videos, promotes a brand’s image and reputation.  According to Randy, with the rise of AI-generated content, maintaining a human element in content creation is essential for establishing credibility and authority. 

28:35 Key components of a high-performing press release

Randy shared that these key components include first a compelling headline. A captivating headline is crucial for attracting attention, gaining reader interest, and enhancing SEO. Then like articles, the press release’s introduction should immediately capture the reader’s attention and spark interest. The body of the press release should answer the essential W’s (who, what, when, why, where) while including relevant quotes, facts, stats, and infographics to bolster credibility. Make sure to include contact details, such as name, address, phone number, and website URL, for easy reference and credibility.

Also include soft citations, including the name, address, phone number, and website URL, at the bottom of the press release for a soft citation, aiding SEO efforts. Lastly, conclude with an about section to provide background information on the company, its services, and its history.

33:05 Determining the right angles and topics for press releases

Crafting compelling press releases involves identifying angles or themes that align with a brand’s goals and resonate with its target audience. This process can vary in complexity, often depending on client input and the expertise of the content creation team.

According to Randy, sometimes, clients have a clear idea of the topic they want to focus on, making aligning the press release with their objectives relatively straightforward. However, there are instances where clients may have yet to have a specific topic in mind, requiring the content creation team to brainstorm and develop unique angles from scratch.

34:54 Creating a compelling press release headline

First, be a student of headlining. Constantly learn and improve your headline-writing skills by studying the works of experts. Then incorporate strong action words in your headlines to grab readers’ attention and create a sense of urgency or excitement. Randy adds to include or mention the brand name early in the headline to establish brand visibility and voice.

Additionally, craft headlines around newsworthy angles, even for seemingly ordinary topics. For local businesses, consider including a geo-relative phrase in the headline to emphasise the geographic location and target local audiences. Lastly, incorporate the main keyword or key service the press release targets.

41:07 Press releases in various businesses, including home services

Every industry and brand can benefit from the strategic use of digital press releases to improve their website’s link profile and overall online presence. For Randy, press releases offer a valuable opportunity for businesses across industries to enhance their link juice and boost their online visibility. Effective link-building can also positively impact a site’s authority and ranking in search engine results.

Still, while press releases can benefit most industries, there are certain content decency guidelines set by Google that need to be followed. 

43:01 Content restrictions imposed by Google for industries with potential limitations

By focusing on press releases or articles about the company, andhighlighting developments such as mergers and acquisitions, businesses in restricted or controversial niches can still navigate publishing guidelines more effectively. 

Still, it is important to emphasize adhering to regulations while creatively leveraging press releases for enhanced online visibility and link-building opportunities.

47:12 Exploring Digital PR, Press Release Link Building, and Strategic SEO Tactics

Randy emphasizes that digital PR involves distributing press releases across a network of news sites to obtain links, while press release link building could refer to different tactics employed within digital PR.  Press release stacking is then used to illustrate a strategy that enhances SEO through tiered linking.

49:37 Distributing press releases through a digital PR strategy

Building the infrastructure for distribution involves creating a network of news partnerships and establishing legal permissions for content publication. Randy emphasized the importance of crafting compelling headlines and introductory paragraphs to attract news sites’ attention. While not all news sites may pick up the press release, the strategy’s effectiveness lies in its ability to generate organic pickups from regional news platforms and newspapers interested in captivating stories. 

56:48 Post-publishing actions for a press release

Randy emphasized the need to actively support and enhance the value of the press release link, treating it as a powerful tier one asset. By providing tier two and tier three links to the press release, its authority and longevity can be extended, benefiting both its presence on search engines and its lifespan on news sites. This approach not only strengthens the link’s SEO impact but also increases the likelihood of the press release article being retained and promoted by news platforms, resulting in a prolonged positive effect.

1:00:10 Future trends of Press releases, SEO, and link building

The future trends in press releases, SEO, and link building are centred around the increasing importance of press releases for establishing brand voice and recognition. A consistent press release strategy that ensures a brand is mentioned and endorsed by authoritative news sites contributes to better visibility in an AI-driven search landscape. Digital PR is highlighted as a key element that will play a crucial role in achieving these objectives in the evolving SEO and link-building landscape.

1:01:17 Randy’s advice for aspiring SEO professionals

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and join strong, powerful Mastermind groups.  Build a network of people that you can ask questions and bounce ideas. Those that will point you in the right direction on where to learn.


A place I consistently check for indexed pages is in the sitemaps section.

You can easily breakdown pages and see why your pages are not indexed, like being
Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag

How to use Internal Links to Boost Google Rankings with the Middleman Method with Sam Oh

I continuously pinged my current backlinks every month with indexing and crawling services.

I use Google’s Page Speed API to crawl all my links with custom scripts automatedly.

Google SEO Ranking Factor Tier List by Matt Diggity, let’s check out his top 2

Creating content for search intent is essential for enterprise SEO strategy.

Optimizing for all parts of the funnel intentionally with content will help drive prospects down the funnel.

Kyle Roof shares how to establish the E-Ein E-E-A-T

UGC sees it as even more critical with the new SGE rollout, particularly with the Perspectives portion, where Google pulls content from Reddit, Quora, and comments from high-authority blogs.

What can help your E-E-A-T? Press releases!

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