Rob Balasabas

Rob Balasabas is a content creator and the Brand Evangelist at TubeBuddy. He shares tutorial videos around content creation, video marketing, live streaming strategies, and audience/community building tips.

30:20 – How did Rob got into SEO?

Rob started to work at an agency where he learned about backlinks, project management, and most of the fundamentals of SEO.

32:13 – YouTube engagement tips

Rob is mostly focused on YouTube in terms of content creation. But how did he get those sweet number of views? For him, it’s about asking a question to the viewers, working on your script, and making live content.

34:25 – Tips for growing a YouTube channel that has passed 1000 subs

For Rob, it’s about keeping on rolling in terms of content. This includes making a video at least every week, try live streaming like he suggested earlier, testing out different topics, or by continuing to do what works for you.

37:42 – How linked playlist works

Having a playlist for your videos plays an important role to gain views. But for Rob, this also depends on the topic you want to create as well. If you’re focused on a specific topic for a playlist, this creates a more organized set of videos that people can watch based on their interest.

40:34 – Searchable playlist tips by Rob

Did you know? Playlists are also searchable in YouTube. And what better way to get your playlists to reach the first page is by optimizing them. This includes the title, description, and even the content you put in a playlist. The more optimized a playlist, the better it can get indexed by YouTube.

41:34 – Playlist consistency

A playlist’s reach is not only limited to YouTube, but it can also appear on Google too! That’s why having a consistent playlist that people can view is a must. Even if you can’t record a video for this week, making a playlist can still do wonders for your reach.

43:24 – How keyword research works in TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a resource tool made by Rob that can help you reach greater heights in YouTube. One of the features of this tool is the keyword research helper. In this section, Rob explains how it works and why you need it to get those videos, old and new, to rank higher.

45:36 – Tips in getting 100% optimization score on TubeBuddy

Getting a 100% score is achievable as long as there is decent search and low competition, according to Rob. But it all boils down on how you manage your channel in terms of content, thumbnails, topics, and the like.

46:41 – Optimizing thumbnails

The best way to increase CTR is by optimizing thumbnails. In Tubebuddy, there is an A/B testing tool that can help you determine how you want your thumbnails to look like. In this in-depth section, Rob explains how this works and why it’s important in creating thumbnails.

52:27 – YouTube watch time and session time explained

Watch time is about how long a video people are watching while session time is how long people are spending on YouTube. In this one, Rob explains how the two of them differ and how it will help you to determine the best reach and views for your videos.

58:24 – What does consistency mean for Rob?

Being consistent with your content, branding, engagement, or anything that involves you and your audience is the key for better visibility, according to Rob.

1:00:57 – YouTube collaboration tips

YouTube, or even the entire internet as a whole, is full of clients that you can collaborate with. And for Rob, it’s all about taking the risk of not being afraid to do collaborations. Because this is one way to get known in the video industry, let alone to other parts of the web.

1:04:14 – Tips and tricks in becoming a YouTuber

For Rob, it’s about treating it as a business. However, it’s not just all about the money but also about the information and knowledge that you want to share to your viewers.

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