Robbie Richards

Robbie Richards is an intellectual marketing practitioner who runs his own agency. He really knows his stuff in SEO and I met him at DMSS Bali 2019 event and he was speaking there, we met & I gave him my book, he really liked it, we sat down for an interview and he talked about SEO strategies for new websites.

Over the past 6+ years, Robbie has created and executed successful search marketing campaigns for hundreds of companies, from small local businesses to Fortune 500 brands.

30:05 – How did Robbie got into SEO?

Robbie got his first SEO hands-on with a local client but it didn’t go smoothly as he expected. This is where he decided to be mentored by someone that’s working at an SEO agency. After learning the fundamentals, this is where Robbie started building a website and used it as a training ground.

33:48 – Robbie explains his most favorite quote from Robert Kiyosaki

Not being scared to try things even when failure is inevitable are words to live by on Robbie’s favorite quote from Kiyosaki. And this not only applies to people who want to dive into SEO, but anyone who wants to pursue a career path in life.

35:31 – Failure makes progress

Just like any other SEO in the web right now, Robbie also experienced failures throughout his SEO journey. This includes him experimenting on personal projects that didn’t go well as he expected.

37:53 – Robbie’s agency structure

Robbie has a pretty solid team working for him in his company, The SEO Playbook. With the right team in hand, this results to a pretty consistent workflow with utmost results from their satisfied clients.

45:19 – Getting to know Robbie’s anchor link strategy

If you want to learn more about anchor linking, then you are in for a treat with Robbie. In this in-depth section, he gives us an insight how his internal AND external anchor link strategy works in SEO.

50:11 – Introducing Robbie’s subfolder analysis strategy

With Dixon’s subfolder analysis strategy, finding valuable terms with high traffic potential is now made easier than ever. In this section, he explains how this strategy works and how it benefits your websites in terms of ranking.

55:48 – Google rich snippet guideline tips by Robbie

For Robbie, the best way to get rich snippet opportunities is to quickly identify your own keyword ranking. Using third-party tools such as SEMrush also helps too!

58:36 – Robbie’s advice for people who want to enter the SEO industry

According to Robbie, it’s all about making the right decision if the SEO industry is for you. Because this will be your foundation of how your SEO journey will be like based on how you approach it.

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