Robert Portillo

Robert Portillo – Founder @ Nimbus Marketing – CRO for SEO

Guest Bio

Robert started learning marketing in 1989 and now runs his own online marketing company that provides SEO and CRO services.

Robert started learning SEO and website design in 2007.

Robert founded Nimbus Marketing in 2014 to help small businesses tap into the online marketplace & grow much faster.

Robert founded the Facebook Group “Conversion Rate Optimization Junkies” in late 2019, and its membership has now about to hit 9k.

Robert speaks at SEO Conferences such as SEO Rock Stars and SEO Spring Training.

Knowledge Bombs

18:00 – Get ranking on Page 1 of Google

First, pick the right keywords and be realistic about what you’re trying to rank in your niche. It is also true to target it in lower volume and lower competition keywords, work your way up to more competitive higher volume keywords, and use multiple tools, Robert explained.

19:15 – More on how to get ranking on Page 1 of Google.

The niche you are using depends on how you optimize your money page with a content optimization tool like Surfer or Phrase.

28:32 – Some other ways Robert is learning SEO

SEO Signals Lab and Stephen King are what Robert pointed out as kind of proponents when he began humbly again in 2000. He advised me to read everything in SEO Signals Lab as this shares so much valuable information, and Robert realized that these led him in the right direction.

31:00 – What is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?

Robert describes CRO as empathy, which is about getting out of your comfort zone, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, and connecting with them. It’s about delving into the information on your sales page in a way that appeals to, satisfy, and solves their problems.

34:45 – CRO and SEO helping each other

Robert shares first what he loves about SEO and that it is like a team sport that gives a finite exercise that you can get to the number one position. While CRO is an individual sport that gives the uncertain idea that you can’t directly win in the game, the good thing is you can help yourself improve in different ways.

39:25 – Two most important factors that precede a website

First is to identify who and what the customer is, try to seek: What are their lives like? What do they think? What do they value? and the likes. That’s when you get better conversions. The second is to know where the prospect is coming from. You must ensure in your social media post that the content around the click matches the content on the landing page.

44:25 – Importance of Value Propositions

Robert explains that value propositions are important because people are impatient. Such then it boils down to its importance because when someone is trying to solve a problem, value propositions can do a lot of help.

46:28 – Crafting a perfectly optimized page

Don’t copy others’ work. Start with the mindset of “How can I help the customer?” and “How will I do it?” — Think about your customer and prioritize and figure out what needs to be prioritized. Robert explains that you will create and structure your page for your customers.

50:25 – USP for e-commerce sites

Start by analyzing the SERP page by being aware of what your competitors are doing, Robert pointed out.

52:30 – Good SERP example with perfect CRO parameters

Robert highlights reviewing schema products. Then figuring things out on how to stand out among others.

54: 25 – Increasing conversion tips

Focus on one goal if you’re doing Legion or service focus.

VP of Search @ Google HJ Kim says E-A-T is used in “every single query” for “every single result.”

Following E-A-T principles is always a part of my SEO strategy, including ranking videos.

Renaming pictures for extra SEO with Steve Weidman on the Lunch with Norm podcast

If you are on a PC, you can also right-click file names for videos.

A Youtube patent talks about extracting metadata from video files, so be sure to add yours.

If you use Adobe Premiere Pro, you can also input metadata when you export.

How Google Uses NLP explained by our buddy Neil Patel

To take the concept of entities a little further.

Here is Chris Long on Whiteboard Friday on
Using entities for Advanced On-Page SEO Optimizations

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

Be sure to ask on-topic questions, and I will address them in the order they are received.

But before we introduce our guests.

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