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SEO Video Show EP111: Steve Toth – Founder @SEO Notebook and G Score

Guest Bio:

Steve is the former SEO Strategy Lead at FreshBooks, and in 2020, I left the company and took them on as a client.

Steve currently runs SEO That Ranks. A boutique consulting firm focused on growth-stage companies in search of scalable channels.

Current clients include international SaaS and eCommerce brands such as CryptoWallet, Mejuri, and Own.

Steve is a Product Advisor for

Steve’s work has been discussed in USA Today,, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Roundtable, and more.

Steve has been an SEO instructor at BrainStation, has done speaking engagements at Humber College and York University, and has been a guest on numerous podcasts.

Knowledge Bombs:

18:42 – How does Steve get a ranking on page 1?

Steve does always made sure that he covers the topic comprehensively. He added that he is not just ranking one page ultimately but teaches Google that he is an authority on that topic.

28:30 – SEO Notebook Journey

Being a role model, building a good reputation, and helping people around you keep your SEO journey growing and developing to a greater extent. Enjoying the journey is also an essential tool.

34:08 – Rundown of Strategies

Taking one keyword of an invoice template and creating 120 pages for various longtail keywords that are PDF, Word, Excel, or different invoice templates. 

35:20 – Main Strategy in creating pages

Steve has a friend named Kyle who modeled a page he ranked using the tool Cora with the SEO’s URL, Steve was inspired by Kyle’s work and modeled their invoice template following the same process.

37:28 – Second Case Study

Steve introduced the tool AdTech, and as everything flowed well, they had a course on web development, a boot camp, where they created a section on the site that asked questions.

39:50 – Notes posted on

This segment highlights the idea of duplicating content, proving that taking the same piece of content and swapping out the brands changes the topic’s intent and relevance and get a lot of topical authority.

42:52 – Client’s feedback

Steve dealt with a situation where a client told him that the articles looked templated and had the same sections. But he fired off the case study, and the client was thankful that the data spoke for itself, and the contention ended with the client.

44:28 – Topical Relevance Hack

If you are trying to rank car insurance, you have to look for it in Google, and there will be results from it. The best strategy you will do is to pick the top relevant domains and go to and type car insurance again, then, there will be results related to it, and it will be automated to reach page one, Steve explained.

46:15 – Top tip from the

Steve shared a hack for Featured Snippets called the Main Difference, where his friend, Kapilk Ochani, taught him that discovery he made that for any keywords where there are verses, like A versus B, you should use the word “the main difference between.” As this will trigger the Featured Snippet in doing comparison pages.

47:53 – Topical Relevance Hack 2.0

When there are results that have, you can use it and type site + colon, then + washing machine. Then there will be different articles that Maytag has about washing machines, Steve says.

49:20 – Getting into SEO

Steve advises that you keep your job as long as possible and don’t leave it until it costs you money to stay in your job. 

50:55 – Outrank high authority sites without links

PPC, Steve answers.

Google News:

Similar to the sponsorship idea, offering scholarships at local schools is an excellent way to get a powerful .edu backlink.

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