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Ted got his start at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications & worked at Microsoft during the Dot Com Era, then was an in-house SEO for a large online retailer for 17 years. Ted is the CEO of the SEO Tool Lab and the creator of Cora SEO Software. Ted is the host of SEO Fight Club and he also speaks at SEO conferences and on podcasts dispelling numerous SEO myths and educating about scientific, data-driven SEO solutions. Ted is a co-founder of Internet Marketing Gold IMG. He is probably the most brilliant and scientific SEO I’ve ever met, and isn’t afraid to go against the popular grain when he has data that says otherwise, Please welcome Ted Kubaitus!


26:16 – “I have to give credit to where credit is due” – by Ted Kubaitis

Ted’s history in SEO started very humbly in 2014. He mentioned Josh Bachynski (a Professional Internet Marketing SEO Consultant) to thank him for introducing him as a new valuable member of the SEO community.

27:10 – How CORA SEO Software Came About

The CORA SEO Software is widely considered a “Secret weapon” for SEO marketers/practitioners, including me (Paul)! In this section, Ted explained the importance of Cora and how it functions.

29:55 – How Did You Get into SEO?

When Ted was just starting, he mentioned that he used to write his own scripts (still is apparently), had a rocket-scientist mentor, made his own software, and many more. In this section, Ted explains more of his background as an SEO pro and an internet marketer and gives us an in-depth insight into what it takes to be an SEO Scientist.

36:20 – Helping Smaller Stores Get Better Ranking on Google

Ted’s work as an SEO scientist had a lot of successes, such as helping his clients’ stores get the proper ranking that they deserve on Google search. His history of experimenting on Smaller Stores’ rankings was definitely among the pivotal moments of his career. In this section, Ted explains the magic (or science, for some) behind his SEO success and work.

38:10 – Ted’s Tips on Identifying Negative SEO Attacks

As a prominent SEO figure in the community, one of Ted’s main responsibilities is to keep the community safe from negative SEO attacks/frauds. In this section, Ted gives out some important tips to keep yourself away from any suspicious and damaging negative SEOs.

44:10 – “I knew somebody that was clicking their own ads….”

Negative SEOs were prevalent before and are still active today. These attacks would sometimes become noticeable for some, so heavy reinforcement is required to avoid any of these attacks. In this section, Ted shares one of his stories of knowing someone in-house who was a victim of negative SEO and how they dealt with it.

46:00 – MC4 Algorithm

“MC4 is a webspam algorithm” – Ted. One of the most overlooked SEO topics, the MC4 algorithm, is one of Ted’s specialties. Apparently, the only SEO guy ever known to have been talking about this publicly is no other than Ted. In this section, Ted explains what the MC4 algorithm is to the public.

49:44 – Cease and Desist Letter from Google? “Black Hat” history?

If you didn’t know, Ted had his own history with the Black Hat World a long time ago. As he mentioned, he’s one of the early birds to get a huge lesson from being involved in such activities.

51:50/53:44 – Ted’s opinion on “What was killed back then that works now”

Without a doubt, Ted has a lot of history with Google and SEO. As a professional SEO Strategist, Ted gave out some of his observations and opinions about things that used to work for Google (that initially stopped working years ago) but are starting to work now. Best keyphrase from this section “What’s old is new again.”

57:10 – Ted’s Professional Advice for Budding SEO Entrepreneurs/Practitioners

Before ending the show, Ted gave out many huge tips and pointers for budding SEO marketers/practitioners on how to build or start their SEO career.


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