Terry Samuels


Terry Samuels is the owner of digital webinar services.

Terry is the host of the Mastermind series and has spoken to conferences over the last four years

Terry has over 12 years of experience in digital marketing.


17:44 Get ranking on Page 1 on Google

Terry explains further about having lots of good content. He also emphasizes good content around intent before the search content that can Silo with each other’s content and build up power and authority.

20:22 Topic of the conference

The topic of Terry at the conference revolves around how advanced schema can destroy a webpage by doing it wrong. Advanced schema is a ranking signal. Terry added that for two and a half months, he was trying to figure out why this page was crashing. And he could not look at the schema because he got the wrong schema on the wrong page.

22:28 PR Stacking and Siloing

For Terry, it started with a blog post and press release. He emphasizes the importance of Google Docs and Google Sheets. The press release has the link back to his blog post. So it’s like one-tier two or two-tier ones on a 10. And then, he will go to write the initial press release. He then gets a minimal amount of links and stacks those press releases. After getting all the URLs for the first release, he then puts the URLs in a public Google doc in a column, and he will put those URLs in the same ad schema on the blog post. He then added that your middle press release should be cheaper.

31:16 How soon are you doing each stack?

For Terry, you have to collect the URLs, and it could be a whole 3-4 weeks cycle and indexing. The time frame is about waiting for the next press release to give you the live URLs 

35:16 About Google Drive stacking, Azure. What is that all about?

Google stacks all are Google properties they give to us. One of the first things is to do brand stacking; it doesn’t get into the keywords so much as the brand names. Terry also uses tier one to send brand links to the home page. You can also use all kinds of cloud stacking software. There are different things about cloud stacking and how you can use it, and it’s cost-efficient.

37:49 How often should you publish?

For Terry, you can publish one main, one per client. He controls the blog post and does different anchors. And you can use these posts over and over again. He encourages publishing one press release to boost an individual’s location.

41:33 About Siloing

Siloing comes in two ways. It can happen on the public side of a website or the bot side of the website. The idea of siloing is directing traffic. If you want to have direct traffic, Siloing can do that. In a public silo, you need to be strong about it. It needs to direct people and the bots to the next thing you want to discuss and should stay with the same topic.

51:13 ChatGPT used for siloing and clustering

ChatGPT is helpful, and it has entities which have semantic SEO terms. It will give you ideas about what should be included in the content. Terry does not use it for a lot of page content. But coming up with great anchor texts,  ChatGPT can help. However, you need to fact-check the information given by ChatGPT. 


Google released a new video on semantic HTML.

Let’s check it out

If this doesn’t help with ranking, do you know what does?

Keyword-optimized HTML like strategically measuring the keywords and variation in DIV tags.

The only software I know that can measure this is Cora by Ted Kubaitis.

Want to start an SEO agency?

Nathan Gotch shares his 7-part SEO System

Systems and standard operating procedures can also be applied to in-house SEO.

When you work at big companies with many stakeholders, the SEO team can be treated as an in-house agency.

Documenting workflows is a great way to stay organized and help onboard new members quickly.

Here’s a quick Google Business Profile Photo Hack

Learn how to Change Your Cover Photo In Seconds

I was uploading and deleting photos until I got the right one to show up, so this is a pretty cool hack to save some time.

Ross Simmonds reminds us what great content should be about.


I share a great quote from Ross all the time: “Create once and distribute forever.”

Do you know what else can distribute? Press releases!

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

Please ask questions on the topic, and I will address them in the order they are received.

Please support the channel while I get things ready.


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