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Terry Samuels is the owner of Salterra Digital Services.  

With an impressive 12 years of experience, Terry has emerged as a leading authority in technical skills, including structured data and schema and international internal audit practices.

Terry’s expertise lies in technical SEO, site structure, schema, and internal audits. 

Terry’s passion for teaching is evident through hosting various SEO Masterminds and the SEO Spring Training conference. 

Terry has been a sought-after speaker at conferences like SEO Rock Stars, SEO at the Beach, Mansion Mastermind, and Local Client Takeover.


23:13  How to get No. 1 Ranking on Google

Terry believes that on-page optimization is key to ranking on page one of Google. While he acknowledges the role of backlinks in speeding up rankings, he emphasizes the importance of a strong on-page foundation as the starting point for success in the SEO business.

32:14 How Terry ranked a page using schema only

Terry shared an intriguing story at SEO Fight Club about ranking a page using only schema. His website, with no front page content, ranked well, with 3,000 words of schema-based content on each page. He emphasized the importance of optimizing schema correctly, considering it a key factor in impressing search engine bots and managing crawl budget challenges.

37:48 How do you interlink schema?

Terry explains how to interlink schema effectively. He emphasizes the importance of including URLs in various schemas, personalized to reinforce brand identity. This unique approach enhances trust and authority, making it distinct from standard SEO tools. Terry’s schema strategy aligns with the EAT framework (Experience, Authority, Trust) and ensures a rich and trustworthy representation of the brand. 

40:16 How does interlinking help search engines?

Terry highlights the significance of linking the brand to the city or neighbourhood through schema markup. This personalized approach enhances the user experience and establishes the brand as an authority within its location, improving its credibility and visibility in search results.

41:32 Schema mark-ups

Terry stresses the significance of the “same as” schema to consolidate vital information on one page, improving search engine visibility. This approach includes citations, awards, and even negative information, enhancing the online presence effectively. 

Research and attention to detail are crucial to uncovering valuable insights about professionals, further strengthening their online reputation.

45:29 Misspellings

Terry emphasizes the importance of avoiding misspellings in the description and ambiguous areas within the schema. He recommends not using the same text on the page and schema but rather adding new and correct content. For instance, if the word “marijuana” is spelt correctly on the front page, it should be deliberately misspelt in the schema to avoid confusion.

52:32 Tools for creating schema

Terry creates schema markups using templates from schema.org and customizes them based on research. They don’t rely on automated tools but prefer a more personalized approach. They use SEO Press Pro and Header Footer Code Manager for schema management to ensure specific pages receive relevant schema markup.

54:29 Technical SEO

Terry mentioned the technical SEO schema tool. While it’s helpful for basic tasks like adding social platforms, relying solely on it won’t lead to effective website rankings. Tools can’t rank a website on their own; comprehensive optimization efforts are essential for significant results.

56:02 Combining multiple schemas

Terry recommended using separate schema types for different categories to avoid duplicate descriptions and potential warnings. He also mentioned experimenting with combining schemas using the ad ID but found it less effective. 

For e-commerce websites, he advised selecting specific schemas based on tags, categories, and brands, and using the header footer code manager in SEO press Pro for easy management.

48:17 For new clients, do you build sites from the ground up?

Terry, the expert in web development, now exclusively uses WordPress for all his clients’ websites. In the past, he started with HTML and CSS, but his developer advised him to switch to WordPress to save time and streamline the process. 

Now, with a consistent theme and set of plugins, Terry builds 150 to 180 websites each year, ensuring they are SEO-ready from the ground up. His attention to detail and focus on functionality make sure his clients’ websites are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly for both visitors and his staff. 

Avoiding frustrating experiences with poorly designed websites, Terry’s SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) system relies on a single theme and set of plugins, allowing for seamless workflow and efficient management.

1:00:04 Best pratices on siloing content

Terry advises on siloing content for a perfect website structure. He guides users through a focused website funnel by using a strict silo design, changing the navigation bar accordingly. Terry achieves this efficiently with the Aveda theme, allowing different headers, footers, and sidebars on each page without custom coding.

1:03:14 Terry’s advice to aspiring SEO professionals

Terry’s advice to aspiring SEO professionals:

  • Test and build your own website to learn the ins and outs of SEO.
  • Avoid spending too much time in SEO Facebook groups.
  • Follow experienced professionals for learning.
  • Attend conferences and network with others in the industry.
  • Implement and test new strategies.
  • Use authoritative and relevant language on your website to boost trust and relevance.

1:05:30 Can schema markups give you an edge over your competitors?

Terry confirms that schema markups indeed provide a significant edge over competitors. He highlights that while most competitors rely on standard tools like Yoast or Rank Math, taking the time to implement detailed and advanced schema can truly set you apart. 

The added complexity of your schema will likely confuse competitors, giving you a distinct advantage as most SEOs don’t typically analyze or understand others’ schema implementations.


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