Tim Soulo

Tim Soulo – CMO @Ahrefs | Product-Led Content & Keyword Data

Guest Bio:

Tim is the Chief Marketing Officer and Product advisor at Ahrefs.

For the past 12 years, he has been a prolific and notable contributor to the SEO and digital marketing industries.

His data research studies were cited by thousands of online publications, including Inc, Techcrunch, and Venturebeat.

He has spoken at some of the world’s largest industry conferences, such as PubCon, BrightonSEO, and Digital Marketers Australia.

Please welcome Tim Soulo!

Knowledge Bombs:

19:16- How does Tim get page one ranking on Google?

For Tim, it’s about becoming the best answer to people’s questions and being an expert to your chosen field. With these two alone, Tim believes that it can solve SEO’s biggest problems: creating great content and backlinks.

20:00 – When did Tim first get into SEO?

Tim worked as DJ in a nightclub during his younger years. As he’s getting older, he realized that he wants to do something different using his other skills. As a marketing geek, Tim used his skills in this field to pursue SEO in the marketing industry.

22:09 – Does PBNs still work in today’s time?

Tim has used a lot of PBNs in his early days with SEO. However, he said that this strategy was shoddy and badly built. Thus, making it very unethical for today’s SEO industry and just a complete waste of money.

23:36 – How did Tim actually learn SEO?

Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz was the first thing that Tim read before delving deeper into this field. This book helped jumpstart his knowledge about SEO where he learned the importance of keywords, backlinks, and more.

26:19 – Tim’s journey from SEO to CMO

Tim believes that the most important step from being an SEO to CMO is to wear many hats and try launching your own business. And once that is established, it’s time to start opening up side projects and connect the dots on how you can handle them that you are proud to show off.

29:51 – Product-led content as explained by Tim

As for Tim, product-led content is about using your products as a leverage for your content. Though some people might find it salesy, Tim believes that this strategy can lead to great success if utilized correctly.

33:29 – How to use product-led content

In this section, Tim gives us an insight of how product-led content can be utilized at its fullest. First, you need to understand what people use your product for. And second, is to see if people are actively searching for your products. With these two alone, you’ll have a clear idea how you can implement your product based on your chosen content.

36:13 – What are the best metric when it comes to keywords?

For Tim, the best metric for keywords is “traffic potential.” This is because there’s a wide variety of keywords spread over the internet and assessing the right one that can garner traffic is a must.

38:13 – What is Tim’s take on zero search volume keywords

Tim thinks this type of strategy can sometimes be misleading depending on the people marketing it. Thus, making this strategy a waste of time and can be used for the wrong reasons.

42:41 – How does Tim get inspiration for building new features

The best source of new features, according to Tim, is his marketing team. This is because the marketing team is the one who will bring ideas to life based on customers’ requests and feedback.

45:58 – How does Bing hold up in terms of SEO?

For Tim, he doesn’t see Bing as a relevant platform for SEO because of its small market share. Compared to Google, they will automatically do anything for you, making your SEO journey feel like a walk in the park. Tim also said that there is no demand from his customers regarding Bing.

47:11 – Tim’s advice for anyone who wants to become an SEO professional

Starting your own business, or building your own website are Tim’s advice for those who wants to become an SEO professional. Doing so helps you become ready for the SEO responsibilities that are yet to come along your SEO journey.

Google News:

Google announces the new Search Console Video index report.

Video creation and consumption on the web continue to grow, and Google Search indexes videos from millions of different sites.

To help you understand the performance of your videos on Google and identify possible areas of improvement, Search Console is launching a new report called Video indexing.

As a video content creator, I look forward to seeing this in my GSC.

Does CMS matter for ranking in Google Search?

John Muller answers.

Maddy Osman from blogsmith.com shares tips on Writing Compelling Titles

I love using information brackets and emojis in my social titles.

Having compelling titles is a great way to increase your organic CTR, and we all know Google loves that CTR.

Do Reviews affect Local SEO?

Our friends over at SEO Fight Club conducted some research reports.

Let’s check out what they found.

In the SaaS b2b space, one may dismiss local SEO tactics.

I love setting up GMBs for all the offices the company has to take up more page 1 real estate that can garner reviews.

Positive reviews, in general, can help buyers decide to buy your product.

I know it is a massive business in the B2B space, and sites like G2 Crowd and Capterra will even pay for your review.

Sam Oh tells us the best way to do link outreach!


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