Tom Dehnel

Tom Dehnel is an SEO Consultant for technology and financial services companies.

He stumbled into the SEO field four years ago and never looked back.

He’s done SEO work for Goldman Sachs, Okta, Current, and a slew of VC and private equity firms, including recently an Andreesen Horowitz portfolio company.

Tom lives in Northern California with his fiancee Mikayla. Current hobbies include diving a classic Mazda Miata and exploring the non-dualistic nature of the universe. Fun fact: He’s worked as a hand model.


20:10 – How did you land into big clubs as a Freelance SEO guy?

Tom was once a freelance SEO guy before he got his enterprise. In this section, Tom shared his secret or work “hacks” that he learned from his experience doing freelance SEO work before he landed in Octa and other big clubs in the industry.

22:00 – How did you get into SEO?

Let’s take it back a little and talk about how Tom got into SEO. Tom started with humble beginnings by working on different companies that offer jobs that aren’t focused on SEO. Although he loved SEO, his current jobs weren’t much about it. Until one day, he got into a specific company doing a lot of content marketing, which ultimately reunited Tom with SEO.

23:20 – Tom’s go to sources for Learning SEO

Tom had a lot of experience using and learning from different sources, such as Moz, SEO by the Sea, and more. In this section, Tom is sharing all of his best recommendations to learn SEO.

24:20 – Why did you leave your 9-5 job to become a consultant?

What pushed Tom to transition from a 9-5 job into a consultant? In this section, we hear Tom explaining how he got pushed to do more client work as a consultant and leave his current job. For Tom, he went all-in on this one!

30:30 – Make High-Quality Sh**!!

In this section, Tom was asked how he got a pretty good deal with Octa back then, and his response was epic! For Tom, all you’ve got to do is to “Make quality sh**!” Make quality content! Just do your best, and you’ll see results!

31:50 – Tom’s Pro-tip when consulting large clients!

In this section, Tom shares his best pro-tips when dealing with large clients! This is coming from a professional who did a lot of consulting with large clients all-throughout his career!

35:00 – If you’re a large company, which one is for you? An Agency or a Consultant? – by Tom

In continuation with Tom’s pro-tips, he also opened up a professional tip for large companies who want to hire someone that can help them with optimization. Do they need an agency? Or should a consultant be enough?

36:00 – “Don’t think about SEO like washing a car” – by Tom

Tom is a witty guy! Not just witty, but he’s super smart too! In this section, he explains what he means by saying, “don’t think about SEO like washing a car!”

39:55 – How many clients can one person have? Tom’s perspective (based on experience)

As one of the best SEO consultants in the industry, Tom shares his knowledge and experience of dealing with several clients. In this section, he tells us the ideal number of clients a professional consultant can handle.

41:30 – Tom’s experience of getting his content approved (when working with Enterprise companies)

Tom’s experience with content creation and SEO is one to recognize! He has worked with many enterprise clients before and even now. In this section, he shares his content approval experiences and tips to get it done the right way.

44:20 – How did you start your YouTube channel?

If you didn’t know, Tom has a pretty epic YouTube channel for SEOs and SEO practitioners. Tom tells us the story behind his YouTube channel creation and why he did it in this section.

45:50 – Also, do you do all your video editing?

The answer is “YES!” Believe it or not, all of Tom’s videos are edited by himself! By learning how to use all kinds of editing software available, he could edit his videos manually!

46:40 – Question from the chat: Can you recommend some BOOK or COURSE for advance link building for BLOG?

Tom’s answer to this question is a different one! Instead of reading books, Tom’s way of learning professional link building and SEO is by actually doing it! Manually doing something is a good way to learn. A tip from Tom for Link Building: “Think about Building Links that are valuable to people, not just search engines!”

47:20 – Question 2, from the chat: How do you improve internal links with SEO SAAS?

For Tom, this is a great topic to tackle! He also mentioned how important this topic is, especially for enterprise agencies. In this discussion, Tom shares his best links in improving internal links!

50:40 – Tom’s professional tips for someone who wants to become an SEO expert!

Tom’s final tip for those who want to start their SEO career is definitely interesting. Tom mentioned that “people focus too much on SEO,” but they forgot professionalism. Because for Tom, expertise alone wouldn’t work long in the industry, as you need to possess professionalism. Tom defined professionalism in two ways: (1) professional integrity and (2) professional opinion. Being professional during work will bring you a long way in the industry!


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Speaking of enterprise SEO. This brings me to my favorite part of the show!

Please ask questions in the live chat during our conversation as it’s a great what to learn together.

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