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SEO Video Show EP108: @Tony Peacock – LinkDaddy – Backlinks & Seo Services Tony Peacock 🦚 Schools Us on Video SEO & Backlinks

Guest Bio:

Tony is an online entrepreneur best known for creating the world’s largest network of niche-relevant blogs.

Tony has over a decade of experience in video marketing and SEO

Tony is a supplier of niche-relevant backlinks and embeds and works directly with business owners, marketers, and many SEO agencies.

In 2019, Tony launched Link Daddy.

A network of 7 million+ blogs covering thousands of business categories and 2000+ Youtube Channels

Knowledge Bombs:

18:25 – How does Tony get a ranking on page one of Google?

Tony just directly said that he does it through backlinks. 

28:02 – Tier Linking

Tier 1 is when there is a website immediately linking to your website, while tier 2 is when there are other blogs linking to the website. A tiered linking structure happens when it picks relevant information from websites.

29:50 – What tools do you recommend for link building?

Tony recommended the simplest tool he uses with his company – Money Robot. He uses it to create content and submit it to blogs.

33:08 – Best practice for off-page SEO for beginners.

Tony explains that he will build up the website’s authority and look through the anchor text. 

35:20 – Business Backlinks

Regarding tier linking, there will be random listings with relevant backlinks that will be linked in every tier.

37:10 – What is spinning content?

Tony emphasizes that in terms of index, you are not trying to rank the blog post, rather, you are using the blogs to help rank the website, so it’s not important if the blog post got indexed.

42:00 – Cloud Authority backlinks

These are essentially hosting platforms where people can host stuff or store stuff.

46:05 – Google stack backlinks

Tony shared that their company has a Google Authority stack, which is like a Google site, but they are using the other Google properties. He also highlighted how to do outsourcing.

52:50 – Process of ranking Youtube Videos

Tony has a scriptwriter that goes over the keywords; then, they look through websites on Google that have the same keywords on other websites.

1:00:12 – Becoming an SEO Professional

Tony said, “to keep it simple and to stay focused.”

Google News:

Google Released the September 2022 product reviews update.

Google keeps pushing us to Write high-quality product reviews

Publishing high-quality product reviews on your eCommerce or product review site can help shoppers learn more about a product before purchasing.

For the list of best practices, check out the link in the description

A great way to write high-quality reviews is to establish yourself as an expert.

Lily Ray shares How to establish expertise in the Niche Pursuits show

Writing in the first person with personal experience is a great tip.

With expertise out of the way, how do you develop trust in EAT?

Bruce Clay tells us how Google business profiles can help.

I’m a huge advocate when I come to dominating more page one pixels, and Google Business Profile is one way to do that.

If you are in the enterprise SEO space, register your GBP in all the locations you have an office to dominate page 1

One way to create quality and helpful content is using Google Question Hub.

The Google Question hub is an excellent resource with all these Google algorithm content updates.

It’s not available in all countries but if it is, use it!

Ross had a guest this week on the Siege Media channel on How To Coin a Term for SEO Benefit.

Coining a term falls under the zero search volume category, which I always have an opinion on.

You can have an SEO advantage on a zero search volume SEO plan.

Ok, we talked about expertise and trust. What about authoritativeness?

Backlinks are a way to display authority, and this brings me to my favorite part of the show!

Please ask questions, and I will address them in the order they are received.

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