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Vasco Monteiro is a seasoned SEO professional with a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. 

Since 2015, Vasco has been deeply involved in the SEO industry and runs his own successful agency.

Vasco’s expertise extends beyond his agency work, as he also manages a thriving YouTube channel and a private SEO Facebook group called Vasco’s SEO Tips.

As the owner of, an esteemed online academy, and community, Vasco provides search marketing training and cutting-edge software solutions to clients worldwide.


19:11  How to get No. 1 Ranking on Google

Vasco shares his approach to ranking on page one of Google. He emphasizes the importance of continuous testing because different strategies work for different niches and locations. 

Vasco highlights that what works in Portugal may yield different results in the US. By consistently testing and learning from both successes and failures, he has achieved great results in his SEO efforts. So, his advice is simple: “Test, test, and test again.”

22:28 SEO reverse engineering

Vasco excels in understanding competitors’ SEO strategies through detailed case studies and reverse engineering of top websites like Airbnb. Utilizing tools like Ahrefs, Campaigns with Cafe, and SimilarWeb, he gains valuable insights by immersing himself in their business mindset. This approach informs his own techniques effectively.

24:02 How to determine if a site has a good SEO strategy

To determine if a site has a good SEO strategy, Vasco emphasizes the importance of satisfying user search intent. For instance, if someone searches for “rent a house in a specific location,” a site like Airbnb showing up indicates a strong SEO strategy. While SEO might not be easy, it’s a relatively straightforward process of meeting user needs and intentions.

27:09  How to know if a site has good organic traffic

To identify if a site has good organic traffic, Vasco suggests using tools like SimilarWeb. For businesses like Airbnb, which rely heavily on organic search traffic due to user-driven searches, it is essential to distinguish between organic and paid traffic. 

SimilarWeb’s free version effectively breaks down the traffic into categories like paid, organic, and social, providing valuable insights into a site’s organic performance.

28:00 Tool set for doing research

Vasco utilizes tools like Ahrefs and for site evaluation and keyword research. However, he emphasizes the importance of going beyond tools and understanding the user’s perspective when developing an SEO strategy. 

Instead of solely relying on client-provided keywords, he puts himself in the customers’ shoes to create a comprehensive mind map of user search patterns and potential keywords, leading to more effective long-term strategies.

32:11 Common mistakes when reverse engineering some SEO tactics

Vasco highlights a common mistake in attempting to reverse engineer SEO tactics – relying too much on data from SEO tools without considering the customer’s perspective. He emphasizes the importance of thinking like a customer and understanding their search behavior to optimize SEO strategies effectively.

33:11 How to build a Facebook page

Vasco shares his insights on building a Facebook group, a crucial step in creating meaningful communities amidst the noise on the internet. He emphasizes that it requires time and dedication, citing his own experience with 2.5k members over an extended period.

The most significant driver of growth for his Facebook group was YouTube. By providing valuable content about SEO and including a call to action to join the group, Vasco successfully attracted like-minded individuals to become active members.

While the process may seem straightforward, Vasco highlights that it is not easy and requires consistent effort and engagement to foster a thriving community.

37:28 How to get top SEO experts

Vasco, the founder of Vetted SEO marketplace, credits his existing personal brand and industry connections for getting top SEO experts on board before the launch. Vetted’s strict selection process rejects about 99.9% of applicants who don’t meet their requirements, ensuring quality. He advises building community and industry connections before launching a product, emphasizing their significance over monetary resources.

38:57 How to know if SEO does quality work

Vasco’s vetting process for quality work includes transparency and a willingness to show one’s face. A portfolio showcasing tangible results is crucial, along with a strong online presence and active LinkedIn profiles. Skills assessment, personality evaluation, and proficiency in English are also key criteria. This process ensures the highest quality and professionalism in the SEO marketplace.

41:05 Vasco’s site: Vetted

Vasco previously had a site called “Connect” which was his personal website. He also had a Facebook group and YouTube channel with the same name. However, he later rebranded the Facebook group and YouTube channel to his own name, Vasco. 

The website “Connect” is still live, but its main focus now is to automatically upload his YouTube videos. Currently, his primary focus is on other endeavors.

43:56 How to sell or promote on an online marketplace

Vasco faced the challenge of scaling a Marketplace business, where supply and demand must grow together. To attract early demand, he onboarded influencers with personal brands like Tony Peacock and Bradley Benner. Consistent promotion through content on various platforms ensured a balanced growth of both sides, proving essential for the Marketplace’s success.

46:36 Other tools Vasco plans to develop

Vasco is constantly developing new tools to enhance their offerings. Their latest creations include, an AI tool for content creation, and, a platform for easily launching marketplaces and directories. 

Vasco believes that these directory-style businesses hold significant potential for future success due to their strong network effect. With a focus on innovation, Vasco’s team aims to provide valuable tools and services to cater to evolving digital needs.

50:43 Job placements for SEO jobs

As of now, Vasco does not plan to add a job board section for SEO job placements on his platform. He believes that such sections can become a breeding ground for spam, and he prefers to keep things simple and clean. 

While custom solutions could be explored, Vasco prioritizes maintaining a straightforward approach. If the need arises in the future and more users express interest, he may consider implementing this feature. However, for the time being, it is not on the agenda.

53:58 Future of SEO

Vasco believes SEO will continue to thrive despite some changes in informational-based content. As long as search engines exist, SEO will remain crucial. Human-related experiences and personalized content will always be preferred over AI-generated answers, ensuring SEO’s ongoing relevance.

55:38 Vasco’s advise to aspiring SEO professionals

Vasco recommends taking action and getting hands-on experience. He suggests diving into real projects and implementing strategies as he did in his journey. Starting practical work is the key to improvement and success in the SEO field, and Vasco believes that this approach can benefit anyone willing to try it.


Google released a new way to report search quality issues with a new user feedback form.

Now, you can report spam, paid links, malicious behaviour, low quality, and other search quality issues, all in one improved form.

They also added a bulk submission feature, and you can now submit up to five pages that violate the same policy in one report.

If you want to participate in Narc SEO, you just got a valuable tool to report your spammy or even non-spammy competitors.

Here is a Helpful SEO Tip Using Google Keyword Planner by Seaside PPC

Using Grouped View to Find Content Ideas is something new to me, and I will use it in the future to cluster keywords and get new content ideas.

How to understand language models and semantic connections within them by Koray Kuber

Koray is on another lever when it comes to semantic SEO.

Check out his episode of the SEO Video Show for more info.

How to Control Your Online Reputation Through Digital PR by Dennis Consorte on Kalicube

Another use case for digital PR is link building. Letslet’s check out the latest video by the Income School guys.

Do you know where you can get digital PR links? On Vetted!

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

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