Wil Reynolds

Wil has worked across every vertical, including pharmaceuticals & hospital systems to e-commerce and SaaS.

He has over 20 years of experience doing and talking about search,

He loves to speak at conferences about the future of search and big data to break down silos between SEO, PPC, and traditional marketing.

He started Seer Interactive in 2002 as a one-person operation out of his living room.

Today, Seer is an award-winning SEO agency and is home to over 180 employees.

His team developed a tool called Saving Benjamin.

Please welcome the founder and the VP of innovation, Wil Reynolds!


22:07 – What does Wil thinks about Google changing meta titles?

Looking at your data first before changing meta titles is the most important thing to do, according to Wil. Pulling data helps you analyze what changes are made or to be made based on Google’s new meta title rules.

22:56 – How does Wil get page one ranking on Google?

For Wil, it’s about sharing ideas that others are unwilling to share. Doing so helps create connection and provide value to people. And who are these people? Your target audience, of course.

23:28 – How did Wil first got into SEO?

Wil is a competitive person who always love to take on the challenge. Then he first got into SEO when he started looking for a job and eventually landed on an SEO type of job and everything else was history.

27:18 – The birth of Seer Interactive

It all started when Wil quit his job from the company he worked on and started to pursue something big on his own. But it’s a rough time for Wil because no one wants to help him in opening this business. Thus, Seers was born thanks to his perseverance.

30:44 – Are there current demand for experienced SEOs in the market today?

SEO is never dead and the current demand for experienced SEOs are still rampant nowadays. As per Wil, it all depends on the client and what project they want to throw at you. And one thing’s for sure, the surge of demand for experienced SEOs will never die.

32:12 – Wil explains one of his notable quotes

“Brands are the solution, not the problem”, as said by Wil Reynolds. And this is where brand matters if you want to rank up in Google. Your brand is the key in building trust between you and your audience. Hence, it is the solution and not the problem.

33:44 – Saving Benjamin as explained by Wil Reynolds

Saving Benjamin is a useful tool that focuses on PPC efficiency. This helps index results and see what sites are ranking as well as allowing you to see search terms that people are using.

39:28 – What data does Wil collect when building a website with services from scratch?

One of the things that Wil collects is paid data. For him, this type of data makes it easier to find a target rather than having no paid data where you have to rely on a monthly search volume.

41:59 – Why click-through rate curves are abysmal

Wil hates click-through rate curves so much. Why? Because results may vary depending on the algorithm. This is not good for SEOs because it will put keyword density to no use, and your target market will likely skip over to other results other than yours.

47:12 – How do we use data in interesting ways to improve programmatic at Seer?

For Wil, it’s about using resources or having a keen eye on what to modify or not. This includes taking the placement report and running this through a tool such as Majestic, which allow Wil to get the trust flow citation, for example.

50:25 – Using PPC data to decide which words to compete for

According to Wil, this might be a little tricky since you have to write or produce content that Google can rank it for. It’s a different story for paid, however, since Google will take your money even if you are not the right answer.

1:03:13 – Wil’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Wil advices watching Seers YouTube videos about joining data. Also, staying hungry for information allows you to crave for more knowledge about SEO. The bottom-line? It’s all about allowing yourself to be self-taught and watch you grow along the way.


Google News:

Google has confirmed the link spam algorithm update is now complete.

Last week we talked a little about how Google we changing meta titles.

Google confirmed this update in a blog post on Google Search Central on generating web page titles.

If you are experiencing this problem, I would first make sure that your title tag and H1 are the same.

That will likely give you the best chance to get Google to use the title you want in the SERPs.

Title changes were the hot topic on everyone’s channel this week.

Let’s listen first to Mordy on why this sucks.

Google changing titles is not all that bad.

Let’s listen in to the what guys at Bill and Ammon’s Bogus Hangout.

So what’s you’re taking on Google changing meta titles?

Please put it in the live chat or the comments below.

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