William Jones

William has been in the marketing and SEO industry for over 20 years.

He has a passion and desire to help business owners achieve what has always seemed unattainable results.

He is a self-taught Business Owner that has built my experience on actual real-world results.

He teaches the same proven strategies and techniques that he uses in his agency (Rank Fortress) every day.

He has grown his private Facebook group to over 100k members in about a year.

His youtube has been blowing up the past year.

Please welcome the king of the rank fortress and local SEO, William Jones!


44:10 – How Does William Get Page 1 Ranking on Google?

According to William, it’s usually going to be structuring content. If you’re going to aim for page 1, you have to properly structure the content.

49:20 – GMB SEO & Local SEO

In this section, William shares the difference & similarities between GMB SEO & Local SEO. From the technicalities to their actual uses in the SEO industry.

52:30 onwards – Keys to Great Content

Moving forward, William discussed some of the most important factors to gain or create great content. One of which is to educate the readers, another one is to entertain the readers, and finally, you have to engage with the readers!

55:00 – GMB Ranking, Mirroring or Shadowing Your Website, and many more!

In this section, William gave out some pretty interesting methods or strategies for ranking, one of which is by Mirroring or Shadowing your website so that your GMB should be a reflection of your website. Your products, services, content/posts, etc., should be stacked and positioned the same way on your GMB.

58:50 onwards – Q and A’s and their importance!

According to William, taking the same questions from the most searched keywords on Google and applying them to your GMB is a great strategy.

59:50 – Embedding Maps

One of the coolest tips from William is that you can go over to a specific embed iframe and insert keywords, may it be additional keywords or your own generated keywords, and replace what’s written there before.

1:03:15 – GMB is based on Google data centers location – True or False?

In this section, William shared his expert insight on the question: GMB is based on Google data centers location – True or False? He explained how correlated the question is when using different open source management systems like WordPress.

1:06:20 onwards – Additional GMB Hacks from William!

According to William, one of the key things you need to take with you is many strings of code or references from your GMB to your website. There’s more than one tip that he mentioned in this section!

1:10:16 – GMBs, Proximity of Backlinks and content, and so much more!

According to William, if you want to rank a specific keyword in other places apart from your local reach, you’ll need to have a secondary GMB.

1:19:20 – Question from the audience: ​If you target a specific location and your business doesn’t have offices or addresses in that location, can a virtual office address help with SEO?

In this section, William gave his thorough insights into targeting specific locations. According to William, there are several different ways or techniques to rank in a different location.

1:20:30 – William’s advice for budding SEO practitioners

William’s primary advice is to build your website. Rank it yourself first, and learn from the lessons that will follow. In this section, William gave out some pretty good starting points for beginners on what to do. He also mentioned the relevance of GMBs in this particular discussion.


Google News:

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Although a shorter URL is not a ranking factor, shorter URLs are easier to remember. When URLs are easier to remember, the more direct traffic you get.

Believe me or not, I believe organic, direct, or referral traffic is a good signal for your organic rankings.

How Google Finds the Centerpiece Content – Martin Split shares his direct knowledge.

This Is why content structure is a significant on-page ranking factor.

Use your header tags and insert your semantic related keywords to help Google understand what your content is all about

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If you are not following Nathan’s YouTube channel, be sure you do.

He shares knowledge bombs all day!


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