SEO This Week Episode 120 – Audits, Promotion, and More!

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Welcome to Episode 120 of SEO This Week!  This week we are looking at the new changes to Google’s quality rater guidelines, images in featured snippets, link spam and Google’s filters, and closing it out with some traffic generation tips.  We are also looking at a great post for you Amazon affiliates! 

Article 1) Google Updates Quality Rater Guidelines Targeting E-A-T, Page Quality & Interstitials

Article 2) How To Get Your Images in a Featured Snippet

Article 3) Why are Googlers So Confident About Link Spam?

Article 4) Google’s First SEO Mythbusting Video Didn’t Have Mythbusting

Article 5) Surviving an Audit by Amazon Associates – Niche Site Project

Article 6) How To Promote Your Blog: 922,921 Visits & 33,417 Shares With 37 Posts

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