SEO This Week Episode 134 – Updates, Accuracy, Opinions

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Welcome to Episode 134 of SEO This Week!

I missed last week due to the holiday and having to catch up on a bunch of work I ignored, so this week we have a bunch of great stories to show off.

We have a great piece of content on copied content and its effect on a health site, a content strategy framework, and a look at contextual knowledge panels.  Then we have some tips posts showing how to do keyword mapping with Data Studio, generate text from images with Python, and how to get those bold terms out of the search results.  Then we round out the show looking at ranking factor opinions, a backlink tool comparison study, schema, and anchor text optimization.

All this an more on Episode 134 of SEO This Week!

Article 1) Google’s Core Algorithm Updates and Copied Content: The Domino Effect of Negative Impact

Article 2) Nearly 50 states’ attorneys general join in antitrust investigation of Google

Article 3) The Content Strategy Framework of the Top 1% of B2B Companies

Article 4) Contextual Knowledge Panels at Google

Article 5) Google: Our Systems Cannot Determine Accuracy Of Content

Article 6) Reports at a glance

Article 7) Google Says Goodbye to the Old Search Console

Article 8) Log into Facebook

Article 9) Which Is The Best Backlink Checker? – The Million Domain Case Study

Article 10) Google: Headings Won’t Make Or Break Your Sites Rankings

Article 11) How to Integrate Keyword Mapping into Data Studio

Article 12) How to Generate Text from Images with Python

Article 13) Google Ranking Factors 2019: Opinions from 1,500+ Professional SEOs

Article 14) Trick Out Your Schema

Article 15) The Data-Backed Anchor text Optimization Formula for Maximum SEO Results

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