SEO This Week Episode 137 – SSL, Sitemaps, and Schema

Check out the full line of articles at:

Article 1) Google Chrome Will Block Mixed Content

Article 2) Evergreen Principles of Persuasion To Increase Ecommerce Conversion Sales

Article 3) 7 Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress 2019

Article 4) Track Elementor Form with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Article 5) The Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Your Landing Page Problems

Article 6) Google: Links Do Not Expire But They May Become Less Important Over Time

Article 7) Google gets tougher on HTTPS with ban on mixed content

Article 8) Multiple H1s won’t get in the way of your SEO, Google says

Article 9) Google: HTML Sitemaps Not Worthwhile For SEO Purposes

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