SEO This Week Episode 139 – Coding, Links, Mapping

Get the links to the articles at:

Article 1) Google: Only Invest In Link Audits If There Was Shady SEO

Article 2) 21 Ways to Promote Your Blog (In 2019)

Article 3) SEO Horror Stories: 2019 eCommerce Edition – Dan Taylor

Article 4) Google: Ignore Link Spam Ransom Attempts

Article 5) 7 practical ways to write copy that converts

Article 6) Baidu SEO: Content Delivery, Speed & Accessibility

Article 7) An Introduction to Python for Technical SEO

Article 8) 50+ of the Best PR Tools Every Marketer Should Try

Article 9) The September 2019 Google Core Update – Case studies, health and medical volatility, Discover impact, “baby algorithms”, and revisiting the “kitchen sink” approach to remediation

Article 10) Niche Review Sites by Business Category – Updated 2019

Article 11) What is Keyword Mapping? Visualize Your Keyword Research

Article 12) Why Learn SQL for SEO?

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