SEO This Week Episode 47 – SEO Data, Reporting and Unethical Hackers

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Welcome to Episode 47 of SEO This Week!  This week we are rolling light in content as it seems everyone was enjoying the last month of summer versus writing about marketing, can’t blame them really!  I hope you enjoyed Episode 46 of the show, I know I did and with that being said here is what we are talking about this week.
We kick off Episode 47 with a warning from one of my SEO mentors, Jerry West, about a method an affiliate was using against his competitors.  We look at some data visualization stuff that might interest you (or keep you away from business intelligence work altogether) and some client reporting tips from a local SEO perspective.  We also have some great technical SEO information that you might find helpful.
All this and more on Episode 47 of SEO This Week!
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