119 Minutes of SEO Advice You Needed to Know Yesterday

I hosted an AMA with 100 + business owners and SEO pros.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

00:00:00 – Should I offer web design or SEO?
00:06:05 – How to do local SEO for tourist destinations
00:11:00 – Process for moving away from AMP
00:13:27 – How to prune content with a huge website
00:27:28 – Siloing your SEO pages (the right way)
00:38:31 – How to niche down to attract SEO clients
00:51:56 – Why you should leverage exclusivity to close more SEO deals
00:58:56 – Site structure for a local business
01:17:41 – How to improve rankings with a new website
01:25:08 – The state of niche sites
01:28:56 – How to handle keyword cannibalization
01:33:25 – Keyword cannibalization with ecommerce site
01:38:58 – Is duplicate content ever okay?

Watch this next: https://youtu.be/8YDUP-RH_4g?si=WCqFg1C8GxUv1CJ_

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