2 Local SEO Mistakes STOPPING Google Rankings in 2024 (How to fix)

2 Local SEO Mistakes STOPPING Google Rankings in 2024 (How to fix) https://chrispalmer.org
In today’s local SEO mistakes video, I’d love to share with you are some of the mistakes that I consistently see local businesses making that are hindering their overall local Google rankings and local business performance.

The two (2) mistakes that I see time and time again are, creating and making pages in order to affect local prominence or relevance but targeting a location specific keyword. Creating pages that are highly relevant to a location have zero effect on your business’s overall performance.

In fact if you create a long enough piece of content and your authoritative enough you’ll start ranking for the location term but it will not help your phone ring on top of this the other mistake or the second mistake that I consistently see time and time again is local business owners performing search engine optimization will create blogs or local blog articles that support a broader topic than answering specific questions about their services.

I hope after these local SEO tips you know how to fix the issues that I consistently see with local business websites along with this you’ll know how to start getting more local traffic and local phone calls and better optimize your local business websites for higher rankings.

If you have any questions related to local SEO or how you can make your business rank higher locally please feel free to go ahead and ask in the section below. I’m always ready to help a local business owner not make these mistakes or any others.

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