4 Ways to Scale Question-Based Keyword Research (With Working Examples)

Want to learn how to find loads of question-based keyword ideas? Then check out this actionable keyword research tutorial.

In this video, I’ll show you 4 ways to scale the question-based keyword research process.

Question keywords can be an absolute goldmine for a couple of reasons:

1) Question keywords often have a much higher degree of intent. If you think about it, when people are searching for specific types of questions in the search, they are often looking for a very specific solution to a problem. This presents a great opportunity to insert your product, or that of an affiliate product, into the conversation and showcase it as a solution to that problem.

2) Question keywords often have a much lower degree of keyword competition, which means you don’t need to create long form content or build loads of links to rank on the first page for these terms.

We’ll look at several working examples to illustrate how you can take this training and immediately apply it to your business.

A quick look at the topics we’ll cover in the video:

1) Question-based keyword reports
2) Mine the PAA box (we’ll cover a great free tool to help scale this process)
3) Mine subreddits
4) Mine high-traffic/high-intent Quora threads


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