Backlink Competitor Analysis – How To Build Quality Backlinks

I have been using competitor backlink analysis for 10 years and it’s my go to link building strategy that’s stood the test of time.

After analyzing your competitors backlinks you can figure out what their link building strategies are and find the most important links pointing to their site.

Armed with that knowledge you can then use their own strategies to outrank them.

The stealing competitor backlinks method is an extremely effective way to give your rankings and boost. Not only that but this method saves you time, money and effort.

I have an easy to follow blueprint which allows me to steal my competitors links with ease.

It looks a little something like this:

➜ Look for the top 5 ranking sites for your target keyword
➜ Input them into a backlink analysis tool
➜ Steal those high quality links
➜ Review how Google reacts
➜ Wash, rinse & repeat

The tools I would recommend for backlink analysis are:

✔️ Ahrefs
✔️ SEMRush
✔️ SEO Spyglass

In that very order.

These tools are the most accurate and have the ability to return a high number of links for every competitor that you choose to perform link analysis with.

Watch the video to learn how to this link building method works and to get a step by step over my shoulder tutorial head over to my blog post Backlink Analysis – The Easiest Ways To Build Links (link in the resources below)

(you’ll learn how to increase your search traffic & avoid penalties)

🎞️ – Video Chapters
00:13 How Does Competitor Backlink Analysis Work
00:46 Top 5 Ranking URL’s For Your Keyword
00:56 My Free Competitor Backlink Analysis Spreadsheets

⚙️ – Resources In The Video
Backlink Analysis – The Easiest Ways To Build Links –
My Intelligent Spreadsheets –
My SEO Blog –

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