Black Hat SEO For Beginners: Buffer Sites and Feeder Pages

Black Hat SEO For Beginners: Buffer Sites and Feeder Pages

this video will cover what exactly is a buffer site or a buffer page what are feeder pages and how they are utilized for black hat SEO along with other search engine optimization. In a nutshell a feeder page is very similar to a buffer page in the way that it acts to help assist a main website or a main page that you’re trying to promote. Either you utilize a buffer website or a buffer side or a buffer page along with a feeder page or a feeder site with either traffic that you feed into a main asset or backlinks that you feed in or buffer into a main website or you do you feed website traffic along with backlinks through a feeder page or a buffer website in order to promote a main asset.

If you have any questions related to black hat SEO or if you are a SEO for beginner please feel free to go ahead and ask any and all questions below where I’m always happy to help the SEO beginner.

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