Chat GPT VS Google AI Detection ( SEO Test 2023 )

Chat GPT VS Google AI Detection SEO Testing 2023

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In today’s SEO testing we are going to be looking at chat GPT created by the great Folks at Open A.I and we are going to put this particular artificial intelligence (A.I) up against Google’s own artificial intelligence AI detection system.

Recently it has been brought to my attention that Google has been primarily watching their Google ads platform to ensure and prevent SEO’s that utilize AI or artificial intelligence content creation. Google is making sure that AI is not being utilized for running ads. So what we wanted to do was go ahead and take Chat GPT and put it up against Google’s AI detection bot. for a fun SEO test.

The chat GPT SEO testing on Google will be a relatively simple test to quickly find out if we are able to utilize chat GPT’s functionality in order to go ahead and launch Google ads within Google’s campaign manager through the Google Ads Platform.

We will then try to launch our Google ads and see if it is going to be flagged by Google AI for not being “high quality content that does not meet there quality guidelines”

If you have questions related to open a eyes chat GPT or GPT-3 , or if you’re interested in learning more about Google search engine optimization SEO.
Please feel free to visit the SEO Mastermind or you can always go ahead and ask any and all open AI GPT 3 questions below.

I appreciate you watching today’s chat GPT versus Google AI detection SEO testing video for 2023.

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