Competitor Keyword Research Tutorial (5-Step Playbook)

Want to find all your competitor’s most valuable keywords? Then check out this actionable SEO tutorial.

In this video, I’ll share a repeatable 5-step process you can use to find ALL your competitor’s most valuable keywords. We’ll look at several working examples to illustrate how you can use this process in your business or when working with clients.

Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover in the video:

1) How to identify which search intent buckets align best with your business or site monetization model. This is CRITICAL for prioritizing how you research competitor keywords.

2) How to use subfolder analysis to mine the MOST valuable topics and keywords from the competition.

3) How to find which topics drive the highest-value traffic to a competitor’s website.

4) How to perform a keyword gap analysis to unearth where you have content gaps across each stage of the funnel.

5) How to find all the terms your competitors are bidding on that you currently don’t rank for organically. We’ll also look at a quick hack you can use to infer which paid terms are converting the best for competitors.

6) How to find secondary keyword gaps that can be used to expand the organic footprint of new and existing content.


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