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In this video, you’ll learn how to do content writing for SEO and SEO Content Writing Services that will engage visitors while satisfying search engines to drive more traffic.


SEO content writing is the art of creating compelling content for visitors while following SEO best practices to ensure your content is findable and drives qualified visitors from search. SEO content writing services are an essential part of every digital marketing program. Finding that balance of SEO and fine tuned content that will convert.

This video outlines the difference between copy and a well-written article and the difference between SEO and what it takes to rank when writing out your articles blogs or product descriptions for an affiliate site. I want to showcase the difference and that you should not overstress the level of content if you’re trying to rank it you should focus on conversion no one’s going to read it. Unless you have a query that is serving the intent of information I would focus more on ranking and getting your content optimized so you can get eyeballs in order to drive conversions.

At Chris Palmer marketing we want to make sure that you are receiving and engaging well written article that will match a word count criteria. Along with not only matching word count criteria it’s also going to meet and match and mirror any and all recommendations based on the top competitors in your Niche competing for the same key words and winning.

I want to go through and share with you how powerful a highly optimized article can be which then can receive eyeballs in the form of visitors to your website that will allow you to then be able to convert them with your SEO content writing.
Services like ours want to go above and beyond in order to give you high quality SEO content that’s rank a bowl along with that making sure that it’s plagiarism passing and we want to also ensure that you have all the other secondary recommendations that will lead to your SEO success. Secondary recommendation will include things like schema e a t scores along with all tags and anchor text which should be included inside of a proper SEO content service.

If you have any future questions related to SEO services or anything related to content marketing or content SEO services please feel free to go ahead and ask below.#seocontentwritingservice #seocontent #contentwriting

0:00 Content Writing For SEO and SEO Content Writing Services
2:00 SEO Content Vs Copy
4:00 What is SEO Content Writing
6:00 What is a SEO content Writer
8:00 Content Writing Service
10:00 SEO Services
12:00 Ranking SEO Content
16:00 Content for SEO
17:00 SEO Writing For SEO and More
18:00 Chris Palmer Marketing SEO Content Writing

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