Create Backlinks To Home Page VS Link Building To Internal Web Pages

Create Backlinks To Home Page VS Link Building To Internal Web Pages

In today’s video what I would like to discuss is the difference between all types of links that you would be building to your websites. Most notably I want to point out the different types of backlinks that you want to start with by building to your home pages. And then I will come back around and speak to you related to link building to internal pages.

Now often times I get the question what type of links need to be built to the homepage and then what type of backlinks need to be built to internal web pages. This video will address this particular question related to homepage backlink building and internal link building and I hope that you can walk away from this video with the answers that you need in order to find success more traffic more leads and more phone calls for your local business websites and any website for that matter.

If you have questions related to creating backlinks or how to get back links when your link building please feel free to go ahead and ask in the section below where I am always happy to answer any and all questions related to off Page search engine optimization.

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