CTR Manipulation 2021

CTR Manipulation what works and what does not and why. Click through rate or user signals for ranking are just as important as your on-page SEO and your off-page SEO in 2021 and I want to give some further understanding. SEO Consultation: https://chrsplmr.com

Along with that I will more importantly teach you about what matters and what moves the needle when using CTR.

Some of the key important elements of CTR are going to be the IP address the types of proxy that you are using. Along with that we need to then look at your location. And last but not least your unique identifier also know the MAC address.

So I hope you have enjoyed this video on click through rate manipulation. If you have future questions related to CTR please feel free to ask below. I am happy to help with anything CTR SEO related.
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0:00 Click Through Rate Manipulation Intro
1:21 CTR Manipulation

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