CTR SEO Traffic Sources

CTR SEO Traffic Sources Best For Click Through Rate Manipulation

This click-through-rate and search engine optimization traffic sources video. What I will be covering is going to be the different types of traffic primarily focusing on the two types of traffic that you should be focused on for your click-through rate manipulation campaigns for SEO.

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The two primary sources of traffic that you need to be focused on that I cover in this video are going to be authority types of traffic. Authority types of traffic for CTR will come from authoritative sources. The other type of traffic that I will talk about is going to be simple traffic or just your basic types of traffic that you can send to a website in order to increase the overall performance in SEO.

If you are to have any other questions related to search engine optimization or click-through rate manipulation SEO please feel free to go ahead and ask any and all SEO related questions below. And I thank you for taking the time to watch today’s CTR traffic sources video. #trafficsources #ctrseo

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