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Scale SEO agency:

Start SEO agency:

Create SEO content that ranks:

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AI has disrupted SEO and digital marketing in general.

But you do have a choice:

Stick your head in the sand or take advantage of this incredible technology.

On this channel, I’ll show you how to use AI (the right way) and how to build systems that allow you to get predictable SEO results for your business and your clients.

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About Me

2011 – Started my first website, grew it with SEO, and sold it to a former MLB player.

2014 – Made $103,265 profit from my SEO agency

2017 – Grew my agency to 60 SEO campaigns

2018 – Quit my agency cold turkey to pursue my dream of building the best SEO agency training program ever.

2020 – Earned six figures in one week from Gotch SEO Academy (check the reviews on Google)

2023 – Published a best-selling book, The SEO Entrepreneur

2024 – Beta launched Rankability and grew it to $7,000 MRR in three months

Most importantly, I’ve led hundreds of successful SEO and digital marketing campaigns over the last decade.

I practice what I preach. I look forward to serving you.


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