EAT SEO for Higher Google Rankings 2022

Eat SEO for higher Google rankings in 2022 is a lot more than just adding privacy policies to your page.

What I would like to walk you through in today’s video is a way that you can start looking at additional elements on the page that could be attributing to a higher ranking of sites that are higher than you with in Google. Usually when we start talking about eat signals for on Page search engine optimization what we are generally talking about is going to be elements on the website like privacy policy, copyright, having a phone number on your page along with having multiple emails and the list goes on and on.

But what I am finding more and more is that adding additional elements to the page that top performers have including things like search functions author profile different types of schema markup this is helping the overall authoritativeness of the website and more importantly it’s rank.

I really hope that today’s eats e o video for higher Google rankings in 2022 has helped you out as far as getting a better ranking inside of Google.
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0:00 EAT SEO for Higher Google Rankings 2022 – Intro
1:00 EAT SEO for Higher Google Rankings

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